ZwickRoell Employees Raise 20,000 € for a Good Cause

In just two months, approximately 500 employees from the Ulm-based testing machine manufacturer ran 61,000 km for a good cause under the motto "ZwickRoell runs the world". After accomplishing this athletic mission, ZwickRoell donated 20,000 € to social institutions in Germany, Austria, Mexico, Ireland and South Africa.
ZwickRoell runs

60 days of running for a good cause – that was the goal for ZwickRoell employees from over 30 countries. No matter whether it was jogging, Nordic walking, or hiking, every kilometer counted toward the charity run. The top performers ran over 1,000 km during this time frame, helping contribute to the grand total of 61,000 km.

The 20,000 € donation will go to multiple charities including a children's home in Capetown, South Africa and to the Clowndoctors in Austria. ZwickRoell employees in Ulm were asked to make suggestions for a fifth charitable organization that they personally support. As a result, AMSEL-Kontaktgruppe, a self-help association for people suffering from multiple sclerosis and for their relatives in the Ulm area, was chosen as the fifth recipient of a portion of the donation. The association helps and supports multiple sclerosis patients and also provides patients an opportunity to share experiences amongst themselves during regularly occurring meetings.