ZwickRoell supplies Vibrophore to DEKRA

With over 32,000 employees, DEKRA is Europe’s leading testing agency. The company is building on its core testing areas of motor vehicles and industrial installations and expanding in other areas ZwickRoell has supplied a Vibrophore to DEKA for dynamic tests on concrete-reinforcing steel.
HFP400_reinforcing steel_all_02_without background_PC

The new Vibrophore (Fmax 400 kN) reflects DEKRA’s aims of further expanding its contract testing and qualification activities in the construction industry and will primarily be used for fatigue-limit tests on concrete-reinforcing steel (including to EN ISO 15630).

The standard stipulates that reinforcing steel must display a defined fatigue limit, which must be verified. In the axia fatigue test the specimen is loaded in the elastic range with a cyclically alternating tensile force at a constant frequency. The test is carried out until failure of the specimen or up to the number of load cycles without failure specified in the standard.

To enable these fatigue tests to be performed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, DEKRA has opted for a Vibrophore, with resonance frequency drive. Inherent superelevation of the resonant cycle produces high load and displacement amplitudes at low energy input (around 2% of the energy consumption of servo-hydraulic testing machines).