10 years and counting – ZwickRoell technology facilitates Kingfa’s materials testing  

Kingfa is China's largest manufacturer of plastic molding materials (compounds) and one of the biggest producers worldwide; the company’s principal customers include VW, Honda, GM, Toyota, Sony, Philips, Samsung and LG. The extent of Kingfa's innovative capacity is illustrated by the fact that between 2 and 5% of the company’s profit is channeled into the research and development of new high-performance plastics every year.  ZwickRoell’s intelligent testing technology has been a part of this research process for more than 10 years; the close collaboration between the two companies is underpinned by the installation of more than 75 testing instruments and systems. 
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As well as employing ZwickRoell equipment for R&D purposes, Kingfa also relies on ZwickRoell when it comes to quality assurance, which calls for a wide range of testing systems. In total the company uses six different types of ZwickRoell testing machine at its sites in China, Asia and the USA, including materials testing machines for determination of the tensile and flexural strength of molding materials, melt index testers for determining MFR//MVR and HDT/Vicat testers for determination of heat deflection temperature. Added to these are pendulum impact testers for Charpy/Izod impact testing (also fully automated) and high-speed testing machines for high-speed tensile tests and puncture tests, together with hardness testers.

The association between the two companies is not restricted to China/Asia; 2015 saw a continuation of their partnership in North America, where ZwickRoell supplies testing equipment to Kingfa's Michigan plant.