Hundredfold Versatility – The 500th zwickiLine in 2016 Is Sold to ALPLA

There are approximately 7,000 single-column zwickiLine materials testing machines used worldwide in a wide range of industries. The ever-popular testing machine from ZwickRoell is used in research, as well as in quality control and production. ZwickRoell ended 2016 with record sales and at the end of the year the 500th zwickiLine was delivered to ALPLA, an Austrian packaging manufacturer.
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Alpla Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH&Co KG (ALPLA) is the global leader in plastic packaging technology, offering its customer solutions for bottle packaging at the highest level of quality. Products are mostly manufactured near ALPLA or even by ALPLA on the customers' premises. Consistently high product quality is guaranteed through quality control during production. For this, the company uses a zwickiLine testing machine from ZwickRoell.

ALPLA uses the zwickiLine mainly for compression tests on plastic bottles. Additionally, ALPLA tests the opening force of lids with snap locks and the pull-off force of film hinges manufactured in injection molding. Because it is compact, zwickiLine is ideal for use directly in production or near production. Over the last few years, the zwickiLine has established itself as a standard testing machine at ALPLA. Over 150 machines are successfully used at ALPLA plants worldwide.

For the first time in 2016, ZwickRoell sold 500 zwickiLine testing machines. In addition to the packaging and plastics industry, zwickiLine is also used in more than 20 other industries. From syringes and springs to electronics components, the testing machine's use is almost unlimited.