Accessories for Creep Testing

For use with different applications and environmental conditions in creep testing, ZwickRoell offers a wide variety of modular accessories for the Kappa creep testing machines. The optimal combination of heating system, precise temperature control, suitable thermocouples, coordinated load strings and preferred extensometers is the basis for reliable test results in creep testing.

Get an overview of the available accessories for the Kappa series and let one of our engineers assist you in your selection.

High Temperature Furnace with laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ
Induction heating system
Chamber for vacuum and inert gas environment

Additional Accessories for Creep Testing

Universal 3-zone furnace controller

Universal 3-zone furnace controller
For creep testing in an extended temperature range, exact temperature control along the specimen throughout the full duration of the test is essential. The temperature controller developed by ZwickRoell and proven for many years, ensures precise, reproducible, and user-independent temperature control of the specimen during every test. The universal 3-zone furnace controller meets all requirements of the current international test standards such as DIN EN ISO 204, DIN EN ISO 6892-2, ASTM E139, ASTM E21.

Specimen temperature measuring device

Specimen temperature measuring device


For temperature measurement directly on the specimen the ZwickRoell creep testing systems are equipped with a specimen temperature measuring device.

For creep tests normally up to three thermocouples are used, which are connected to the specimen. With the connection of the thermocouples it is ensured that the specimen temperature is measured on the correct location throughout the duration of the test.

Load string for tests up to 1,500°C

Ceramic load string (right) and metallic (left)

For creep testing in high temperatures, ZwickRoell offers high-temperature load strings up to 1,500°C.

The load string consists of:

  • Pull-rod coupling
  • Pull-rods
  • Specimen adapter

The high-temperature load string transmits the force from the high-temperature specimen adapters in the furnace to the pull-rod couplings outside the furnace. For creep tests in extended temperature ranges the pull-rods and specimen adapters therefore have to hold up to special thermal loads. Metallic high-temperature pull-rods are ideal for use up to 1,200°C and ceramic high-temperature pull-rods up to 1,500°C.

Extensometers for tests up to 2,000°C

Contacting extensometers for tests up to 1,500°C

Contact extensometers for creep testing are available for tensile as well as compression and flexure tests. In addition to different accuracy classes and measurement ranges, extensometers for extended temperature ranges are also available. A distinction is made between side- and axial-attaching extensometers, which are suitable for special test types such as crack propagation testing. Depending on the specimen shape, different sensor arms are used. Well designed swivel units allow for easy operation and fast test-readiness.

With the wide selection, our engineers are happy to help you find the perfect contact extensometer for your application.

Creep Testing System for Hydro Aluminium

For creep and stress relaxation testing, Hydro Aluminium uses a Kappa 50 DS with temperature chamber at room temperature and elevated temperatures up to +250°C.


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Customer Case Hydro Aluminium

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