Medium Container for Medical Application Tests

Fast reabsorbing materials, which are increasingly used in traumatology, surgery, and wound healing change their material properties incrementally as they make contact with mediums such as saline solution. This must able to be regulated so that the reabsorbing biomaterials can be used purposefully. It is important to know and adapt to the changes in stiffness, tensile strength, and yield point during manufacturing and development.

In the field of biomaterials, the mechanical properties of both regenerative and artificial materials are researched. To reflect the physiological conditions of the body, mechanical tests should be performed in a temperature-controlled fluid bath. ZwickRoell's fluid bath enables simulation of an in-vivo environment for tests on fast reabsorbing materials.

  • Typical applications for fluid baths in the medical industry include:
  • Stents
  • Biological materials
  • Dental ceramics
  • Suture material
Medium container for medical application tests

Key Advantages and Features

  • Glass container can be moved axially with spring support to enable clamping of the specimen outside the liquid medium
  • Includes collection trough and hose connection for draining the liquid.
  • Various test tools or specimen grips can be connected to the mounting stud located inside the bath
  • Quick dismantling for easy cleaning; disinfection also possible in autoclave up to 120°C
  • Traceability option in the testXpert III testing software sets the necessary requirements to satisfy all criteria of FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • A flexure test kit for tests based on DIN EN ISO 6872 is available specifically for medical applications, together with specimen grips for use in liquids
  • Optional temperature conditioning device (ambient temperature up to 80°C) for installation in the fluid bath including a separate container for preconditioning the specimen
  • Optional use of videoXtens optical extensometer
Medium Container for Medical Application Tests
Medium Container for Medical Application Tests

Technical Overview


Medium container for medical tests

Item No.


Test load Fmax




Connecting rod's mounting stud

Ø 8


To the materials testing machine

Ø 20


Container material


Temperature range

Room temperature to +80


  1. Not for use with zwickiLine TS