Setting up the testing system with ZwickRoell's unique System Configuration Builder

One of the safest testing systems on the market

The unique System Configuration Builder makes it possible to define reproducible test conditions and offers maximum safety for the user and testing system. 

  • All relevant testing system and safety settings such as crosshead position, tool separation, and sensor configuration are predefined and saved in a freely definable system configuration.
  • The test arrangement must be set up only once with one assigned system configuration, ensuring a safe, reliable setup process.
  • The saved system configuration automatically checks the connected sensors. You may start the test only once the parameters match the requirements
  • A system configuration will be assigned the respective test program.
  • Preconfigured system configurations will be reloaded automatically after changing the test arrangement. This allows you to perform tests with identical settings.
  • The user does not need to adjust settings when tools are changed. The correct system configuration is automatically loaded in the background. This means it is not possible to, for example, incorrectly set the soft end switch. 
  • This ensures repeatable test conditions as well as maximum safety for the testing system and the user.

testXpert III always knows HOW, WHERE, AND WITH WHAT to test!

system configuration builder_testXpert III

Test area

If the materials testing machine has several test areas, each test arrangement will be assigned a particular test area.

Test area_testXpert III

Crosshead position

The crosshead position of the materials testing machine as well as the upper and lower soft limits are saved in each system configuration, providing additional safety for the machine and the user. The crosshead stops automatically once it reaches the set values. When switching on the materials testing machine, the crosshead drives to the set start position for the selected system configuration and testing can start immediately. After the test, the crosshead will drive back automatically to the start position. Due to the individually adjustable quick return speed, the next test can be started without delay.

Crosshead_options_testXpert III

Tool separation

Additional safety settings are preset to protect the extensometer

  • This prevents, for example, that the sensor arm extensometers are mechanically damaged by the specimen grip or that a sensitive specimen is damaged due to too much pressure.
  • The testing software warns the operator when the clip-on extensometer must be detached in a timely manner during tensile testing.
Extensometer_options_testXpert III

Sensor configuration

You can set force limits for the entire testing system via the sensor configuration. For example, the logical force limit for a materials testing machine with a force of Fmax 5 kN in combination with a load cell with the same performance would be Fmax 5 kN. If the mounted test tools or specimen grips are designed for loading only 2.5 kN however, the machine will be warned and stopped before reaching Fmax 2.5 kN. This ensures that the weakest link is always protected from being overloaded. 

testXpert III also offers an overview of the status of the load cell. 

System configuration_load cell_testXpert III

Checking the defined sensors

  • Saving the system configuration: All safety related settings for the testing system, such as the force limits or crosshead positions, are saved in a system configuration. The system configuration also notes the serial numbers of the connected sensors. 
  • Checking the connected sensors: Checking this information ensures maximum safety for the testing system and for the user. If different load cell was used in the previous test, the system will warn you and require you to change the load cell. The test cannot be started until all the defined information in the system configuration matches that in the existing testing system. 
  • Traceability of the test arrangement: The information about the connected sensors is saved for each individual specimen and can be viewed at anytime.
System configuration_sensors_tuning_contour_testXpert III

Repeatable, reproducible test results

Each saved system configuration can be assigned a test program. If a new tester would like to repeat the same test the following day he will be required to use the exact test arrangement that was saved. This ensures that all tests for a standard are performed under the same conditions. As a result, the test conditions are reproducible and the test results are repeatable. 

System configuration_test program_save_testXpert III