ZwickRoell is participating in the 6th Asian Conference HTSE from March 05-07, 2020 Venue: Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India.
Mr. John Piller- Managing Director Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Limited, United Kingdom & Member of ISO/TC 164/SC 3 – Hardness Testing will be the keynote speaker from ZwickRoell. His topic of discussion would be "How to guarantee reliable hardness test results"

In a world of international trade and commerce, it is vitally imported for parts to be delivered to the customer’s specifications. Failure to achieve this can be a disaster, with no one wanting to admit culpability.
Heat treatment and surface engineering providers are no exemption to this requirement. Ensuring parts are provided to the correct hardness level is vitally important to their long-term life.

This presentation is intended to provide all of the necessary information such that hardness-testing instruments are both accurate and traceable to international standards, thus guaranteeing reliable test results.

Topics covered include direct and indirect hardness calibration, when is a hardness tester fit for purpose, a review of international hardness standards, how to reduce measurement uncertainty and increase productivity without compromising on quality.

A technical explanation of the various hardness test methods with tips on how to ensure instruments are working correctly will also be included.
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