Modernization of Vibrophores

The modular RetroLine modernization packages for Vibrophores include changing the static drive and new testControl II measurement and control electronics.

Key advantages and features

Advantages & features

  • Over 20 years' experience in modernizing materials testing machines
  • Warranty for newly installed components, as with new machines
  • Renewed long-term service and support
  • Rapid assistance via Hotline and in the event of repairs
  • testControl II measurement and control electronics satisfy the most demanding safety requirements
  • Re-use of expensive components such as sensors and test tools
  • Modern drive technology, achieved by installing a new, energy-efficient AC motor, with greatly improved control and positioning accuracy
  • Continuously controlled servo motor for fast, accurate mean force control
  • testControl II digital measurement and control electronics with 10kHz control frequency and 24-bit resolution
  • Pulse-width modulation for high control stability and reliability
  • Possible expansion with universal measurement amplifier for connecting sensors
  • Possible expansion with analog or digital inputs, outputs

Technical data

Electrónica de medición, control y regulación testControl II

Frecuencia de regulación

10 kHz

Adquisición de datos de medición

10 kHz, 24 bit, aritmética


5 x ModulBus (2 ocupadas de serie)

Puerto PC

GigaBit Ethernet

Concepto de seguridad integrado

Ejecución de 2 canales para máxima seguridad

Puerto para puertas de protección bloqueables

Interfaz circuito parada de emergencia

Control remoto con pantalla

Modo de verificación o de ensayo

Botón de parada de emergencia

Interruptor de llave para conmutar entre los modos Verificación y Ensayo

Dimensiones electrónica de medición, control y regulación testControl II

H1 - Altura sin tablero



B1 - Ancho



T1 - Fondo



Peso aprox.



Longitud de cable entre Vibrophore y testControl II




Amplificador universal (029443)

Alimentación opcional AC/DC

Bandas extensométricas en semipuente o puente completo

Técnica de 4 y 6 conductores

Tarjeta-IO ( 029448)

1 entrada analógica ± 10 V (regulable)

2 salidas analógicas ± 10 V

4 entradas digitales, 24 V

3 salidas digitales, 24 V

1 relé de salida, sin potencial