Traceable and tamper-proof test results in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

testXpert III, ZwickRoell's new testing software, is the result of close cooperation with software users in the materials testing industry. Based on this experience, testXpert III was designed to mirror the workflows used in a test lab.

The medical and pharmaceutical industry places specific requirements on software to ensure that completed actions are traceable. testXpert III testing software offers the following tools to meet these requirements:

  • User management (LDAP) is included in the standard delivery
  • Expanded traceability in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 is an option; it includes the functions for electronic records and electronic signatures.

This combination of tools ensures that test results are protected from manipulation at all times and that modifications and test results are traceable. Together with the organizational measures and procedure instructions that apply to the individual companies themselves, the requirements of FDA in 21 CFR Part 11 are fulfilled.

User management

Integrated user management limits input access of the user. testXpert III adopts the settings defined in user management and allows each user role to access only those actions relevant to that specific role. Users see only what is important to them so they can focus on the task at hand right from the start.
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Expanded traceability option

The testXpert III expanded traceability option can be used for all safety-critical tests that place special requirements on traceability and the documentation thereof. testXpert III logs all test- and system-relevant actions and settings and can always answer the question "When does who, do what, why and who is responsible?"


Ensayos críticos en términos de seguridad

La opción "Trazabilidad" se puede configurar libremente. También se puede predefinir el grado de la trazabilidad. La autoridad responsable determina que se debe incluir en el informe y para qué procesos y eventos el usuario debe introducir argumentos. Para ello, testXpert III ofrece la opción de adaptarse individualmente a las reglas de control de calidad en el entorno del cliente.
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Electronic records and electronic signature function

Electronic records

The electronic records function makes it possible to comprehensively document all actions and changes carried out in the testXpert III software so that they cannot be tampered with. Users define the degree to which the actions must be logged and possibly explained in accordance with their regulatory requirements (for example, changes to a test-relevant parameter such as test speed). This data is saved in the audit trail.

Electronic signature

The electronic signature function also protects the test program/test series reliably from unwanted changes. It makes it possible to document who is assuming responsibility and at the same time, makes the audit trail paperless. The signature on the test report can be replaced by the test program/test series digital signature by entering the user name and password in the software, and it is possible to define how many people must sign and who has authorization to do so. Once signed, the test program and test series are protected from unauthorized changes.

ZwickRoell also offers a qualification service package (DQ/IQ/OQ) for validation support.

Directivas para el sector regulado de la industria médica y farmacéutica

testXpert III

Software de ensayos testXpert III

testXpert III es producto de una estrecha colaboración con usuarios del ámbito del ensayo de materiales y de la experiencia que nos avala con más de 35.000 instalaciones realizadas con éxito. Desde el momento en que se inicia testXpert III, el programa le guiará por los procesos de trabajo del laboratorio durante todo el ensayo. Entre en el mundo de testXpert III y pruebe la simplicidad de su manejo intuitivo y estructurado.