Concrete-Reinforcing Steel Testing at High Frequencies – ZwickRoell Delivers Vibrophore to Malaysia

SIRIM Berhad is an industry-oriented research and technology organization in Malaysia. As one of four subsidiaries, SIRIM QAS is the leading certification, inspection, and testing body in the country. To meet the growing demands in the field of concrete-reinforcing steel testing, SIRIM QAS opted for a Vibrophore from ZwickRoell.
As the certification body for national steel manufacturers, SIRIM QAS performs a large number of tests on concrete steel to BS 4449: 2005. This standard requires that specimens withstand five million cycles at a defined load. The existing servo-hydraulic testing machine in the SIRIM QAS laboratory reached its capacity limit due to the growing test requirements. SIRIM QAS selected a Vibropore from ZwickRoell to increase the testing capacity/efficiency and reduce the operating costs. The high test frequency of up to 100 Hz for structural steel testing reduces the testing time for five million cycles considerably. The operating costs were also able to be reduced significantly. A Vibrophore requires only approximately 2% of the energy of that of a servo-hydraulic testing system. The Vibrophore is equipped with special specimen grips for concrete-reinforcing steel that securely hold specimens with diameters of 5 mm to 28 mm. A particular challenge for this project was the temperature influence on the gripping system due to the extremely high testing frequency and long test duration. The special specimen grips from ZwickRoell proved to be an ideal solution. Thanks to the "two in one" design, the Vibrophore can be used for static tensile testing at anytime. All tests can be force, displacement or strain-controlled. With the appropriate additional equipment, even tests under various environmental conditions such as temperature and aggressive mediums or torsion and flexible tests may be performed.