Meet our Speakers

We invited international experts from ZwickRoell, members of international standard committees and key level industry players. They will share with You their knowledge in material testing, talk about the latest challenges & requirements across all industries and giving in-depth presentations and live demonstrations about the latest trends and product developments.

  • Speakers from 7 Countries
  • Experts and key industry players
  • Members of International Standard Committees

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.

Niels Bohr

Speakers - Medical & Pharmaceutical

Erik Berndt

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany

Erik Berndt is a well known international medical expert. He is a member of international standards committee for ISO/TC 84 "Devices for administration of medicinal products and catheters". At ZwickRoell he is Industry Manager for Medical and Head of the Competence Center for the Medical Industry. His background is mechanical and textile engineering and many years in research & development.

Jochen Niederberger

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Jochen Niederbergen is responsible for Business Development of Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry. He is with the ZwickRoell family for more than 11 years and due to his background in Mechanical Engineering and International Economy studies he was a leading manager in many internal aa well as international projects.

Speakers - Plastics & Composites

Helmut Fahrenholz

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany

Helmut Fahrenholz is a member of several national and international standardization committees for plastics and composites (ISO/TC 61) and soft foam materials (ISO/TC 45). He is the convener of the DIN working group for hard- and soft foam materials and the liaison officer between TC61 and TC45 of ISO.

He joined ZwickRoell in 1987 and in the last 20 years he developed his specialization in testing of polymers. He is the Industry Manager for Plastics, Composites and Rubber.

Dr. Hannes Körber

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany

Dr. Hannes Körber has a background in research and teaching of material behavior and testing. His specialty are composite materials, where he gained his PhD with a topic “Mechanical response of advanced composites under high strain rates”. He joined ZwickRoell family in 2019 as Industry Manager for Composites.

Pan Dongsheng

ZwickRoell in Singapore

Pan Dongsheng joined ZwickRoell family in 1997. He is the Industry Expert for Plastics & Composites for the markets within the Asia Pacific Region. He is also a branch manager of ZwickRoell in Taiwan and responsible for business develompment in South China. 

Boris Plach

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Boris Plach work for ZwickRoell since 2013 as a Product Manager responsible for products in the field of plastics and composites (such as the Universal Testing Machines AllroundLine, temperature chambers, specimen grips and tools). His background is in mechatronics, industrial mechanics and design engineering.

Karin Hanak

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Karin Hanak joined ZwickRoell family almost 35 years ago. She is one of our application experts in the laboratory and has a long history of customer trainings, pre-testing and solving any testing challenge. 

Jörg Bennemann

ZwickRoell in Haan, Germany 

Jörg Bennemann joined ZwickRoell as a service technician almost 10 years ago. He is a member of the ZwickRoell Alignment Working Group, which is developing customer-oriented improvements in the area of alignment. He is a technical trainer and a specialist for Nadcap. 

Speakers - Metal

Dr. Eduard Schenuit

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Dr. Eduard Schenuit is a member and project manager in various national and international standardization committees, such as ISO/TC 164 for Mechanical-Technological Testing of Metals. He is also chairman of the technical committee for hardness testing of the German VDI/VDE Association for Measuring and Automation Technology (GMA). He is a member of the ZwickRoell family since 2005 in a role of Industry Manager for Metals. He holds a Ph.D. degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in Physics and an M.Sc. degree (Diplom-Physiker) in Experimental Physics from Hamburg and Bonn University in Germany.

Ganesh Kumar

ZwickRoell in Singapore 

Ganesh Kumar is a member of ZwickRoell Family for over 25 years. He became a very well respected senior expert in all matters regarding testing metals. He is the person to talk to regarding any Technical & Application question. Many years he was responsible for technical leading of ZwickRoell in India and now he takes care of ZwickRoell in Australia & New Zealand.

Robert Schindler

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Robert Schindler is a Sales Engineer and a Project Manager for dynamic products at ZwickRoell.

Johannes Künstler

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany

Johannes Künstler is a Member of German Standard Committee for fatigue testing at DIN. At ZwickRoell he is a Sales Manager for dynamic testing systems and special projects.

Joe Hee

ZwickRoell in Singapore

Joe Hee joined ZwickRoell family in 2002. In the past 15 years he specialized in all matters regarding service in a role of Service Manager for the Asia Pacific Region. Since 2 years he is concentrating on the dynamic business development, evolving applications and trends. 

Speakers - Hardness

John Piller

ZwickRoell in Birmingham, UK 

John Piller is the Head of UKAS accredited hardness laboratory working in accordance ISO 17025:2027 and a member of ISE/101/05 Indentation hardness testing BSI Committee. In the ZwickRoell family he is the Managing Director of ZwickRoell in Birmingham, also known as Indentec and over 20 years a specialists in the design and manufacture of hardness testing machines, test blocks and accessories.

Keatan Pangli

ZwickRoell in Birmingham, UK 

Keatan Pangli is a specialists in the design and manufacture of hardness testing machines, test blocks and accessories. He is Sales Manager of ZwickRoell in Birmingham (Indentec). He is responsible for ensuring we meet the needs of our customers globally, via sales and marketing support to our partners.

Speakers - Automotive

Aleksander Koprivc

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Aleksander Koprivc is an active Member of German professional associations such as VDI (Automotive Engineering), VDFI (Spring Industries) and DVM (Materials Testing). He is with the ZwickRoell family for 22 years and is the Industry Manager for Automotive. He is also a Managing Director at ZwickRoell Spain and France and supports Countries in Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Last but not least he is an Application Engineer for material testing systems.

Anna Saumweber

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Anna Saumweber joined ZwickRoell in 2018 as an Industry Manager for Electronics.

Speakers - High-Temperature Testing

Dr. Spencer Jeffs

Swansea University, United Kingdom

Dr. Spencer Jeffs is a Senior Lecturer based in the Institute of Structural Materials at Swansea University with research interests aligned predominantly to the holistic characterisation of aerospace materials for gas turbine applications. This includes titanium alloy, nickel superalloy and ceramic matrix composites material systems investigating the relationships between processing, microstructure and mechanical performance.

Dr. Thomas Leitgeb-Simandl

ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld, Austria 

Dr. Thomas Leitgeb-Simandl is a sales and project engineer at ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld and has his background in mechanical engineering. He is also responsible for product management of high-temperature test systems. He is with the ZwickRoell family for more than 8 years and during this time, he has succeeded in some interesting creep testing projects.

Speakers - Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Testing

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Guth

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

In 2015 Dr.-Ing. Stefan Guth was conferred his Ph.D. on the topic ‘Damage and lifetime of Nickel-based alloys under thermo-mechanical fatigue loading with different phase angles’ at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). After four years as head of the materials and measurement laboratory at the engine valve production plant of Mahle Ventiltrieb GmbH, Wölfersheim (Germany), Stefan Guth returned to the KIT in 2019. Since then he is the head of the fatigue laboratory at the Institute for Applied Materials (IAM-WK).

Dr. Svjetlana Stekovic

Linköping University, Sweden

Dr. Svjetlana Stekovic is a Senior Lecturer in materials science at the Division of Engineering Materials, Linköping University, Sweden. She is coordinator of two EU Horizon 2020/Clean Sky 2 funded research projects called DevTMF and AddMan. Her expertise and experience cover high-temperature testing, material and mechanical properties, damage and deformation mechanisms of advanced alloys in different environments, additive manufacturing and fatigue lifing. At a strategic level, she is actively working together with the EU regions focusing on aeronautics research and innovation areas to identify synergies between different programmes and mechanisms.

Stefan Mitterhuber

ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld, Austria

Stefan Mitterhuber is working in R&D for optical extensometers and customer applications at ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld. He has his background in mathematics and computer vision. He is experienced in software developing and he is the specialist for thermo-mechanical fatigue testing at ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld. He has been with the ZwickRoell family for more than 12 years. During that time, he succeeded in some interesting customer projects related to creep testing and non-contact strain measurement.

Speakers - Creep Testing

Dr. Veronica Gray

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

After completing her PhD in 2013, Dr. Veronica Gray moved to Swansea University as a postdoc researcher within the Rolls Royce UTC. There she spent 4 years investigating a range of aerospace and power generation materials. She focused on creep and fatigue with a focus on dynamic testing (TMF, dwell fatigue and transient creep) as well as ultra-high temperature testing.

After returning to Australia in 2018 she has taken up a position with Queensland University of Technology as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering specialized among other in the following subjects:

  • Materials: Nickel Superalloys, Titanium Alloys, Steels, MAX Phase Ceramics
  • Material Testing and Properties: Creep, Transient Creep, Fatigue, TMF, Hardness, Tensile -Neutron Scattering: Elastic (Powder diffraction, SANS) and Inelastic (Time-of-Flight and Triple-Axis)
  • Analysis and Simulation Techniques: SEM, TEM, AFM, DFT, DFT-MD, APT, Systems Analysis, Systems Architecture

Lukas Unger

ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld, Austria 

Lukas Unger is a sales and project engineer at ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld and has his background in mechanical engineering and business economics. He is also responsible for product management of creep testing systems. He is with the ZwickRoell family for more than 7 years and during this time, he has succeeded in some interesting creep testing projects.

Speakers - Testing Software

Robert Strehle

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

M. Sc. Physics Robert Strehle is in the ZwickRoell family for over 20 years. He is the Product Manager responsible for the development of our testing software testXpert. He is looking back at longterm  experiences in development of the test and measurement electronics testControl and application development. Within our group he is also an expert in the Academia Industry. 

Christof Vogel

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Christof Vogel is with ZwickRoell since 1999. He is specialized in developping and modernizing products. He is handeling all of special customer requirements and helping to solve any issue.

Robert Kaifler

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Robert Kaifler is a Product- and Project-Management for ‘Robotics and Automation’. He is a part of the ZwickRoell family since 1992. The key industries that he specializes in are metals, plastics, and medical. Since 2017, Robert has been a project team member, collaborating on robots for materials testing.

Katja Müller

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Katja Müller is a part of the ZwickRoell family for 20 years. Her experience lies in application knowledge, especially in texture analysis and packaging testing. Since 8 years she is specialized in Product Management of Extensometer in a close collaboration with ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld, Austria.

Speakers - Calibration

Stephan Baumann

ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany 

Dipl. Ing. Stephan Baumann has been supervising projects in the ZwickRoell DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory, for example in the areas of calibration of material testing machines, temperature control devices and flow testers since 2015.His background is in mechanical engineering with a specialization in plastics technology and in the areas of process qualification and quality management.

Matthew Smith

ZwickRoell in Singapore 

Matthew Smith is with the ZwickRoell family since over 6 years. He is our regional technical and application support within the Asia Pacific Region. His background lies in mechatronic engineering.

Speakers - Force & Torque (GTM)

Daniel Schwind

GTM Germany, ZwickRoell Group  

Daniel Schwind is the Technical Managing Director of GTM, where he works for 29 years. He is a Chairman of the Technical Committee “Force and acceleration” of DKD (German Calibration Service)  Member of Sector Committee 5.7 ‘Mechanical Measurement Quantities’ and Technical Advisory Board 5 ‘Metrology’ of DAkkS (German Accreditation Body). 


Michael Kadziela

GTM Germany, ZwickRoell Group  

Michael Kadziela is a brand new Commercial Managing Director at GTM. He has 7 years measurement industry experience on a global scale. His brings a broad measurement application knowledge with focus on sales.

Speakers - Cement & Concrete (Toni Technik)

Henning Weber

Toni Technik Germany, ZwickRoell Group

Henning Weber is a managing director at Toni Technik since Jan 1st 2020. Mr. Henning has an life long experience in the operation of cement plants in several regions of the world.