New Fatigue Testing Machine for the University of Freiburg

The Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH) at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, seeks engineering solutions in the context of existing challenges in sustainable development. The main areas of focus currently include sustainable materials, energy systems and the resilience of technical systems. In the context of mechanical materials testing, INATECH uses a servohydraulic testing machine from ZwickRoell for its research work.

Throughout the research, questions concerning the multifunctional use of new material solutions in complex systems are considered. The structural and functional properties of technical and renewable materials systems as well as their use in components and systems are investigated.

ZwickRoell HC25

Specifically, the type HC25 Compact testing system from ZwickRoell is used to test both advanced composites and composite materials with regard to their fatigue properties, in order to determine their fatigue life under mechanical as well as mechanical-thermal stress, and to be able to estimate it efficiently in the medium term with just a few tests. In a research project sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG), hybrid composite materials are developed, which combine the benefits of polymer composites such as CFRP and ductile and electrically conductive metals or metal fibers, and therefore possess great potential in the area of sustainable mobility. In the field of material composites, the research group under Prof. Frank Balle focuses on hybrid compounds that are produced via power ultrasound on location in Freiburg. In addition to materials of the same type (i.e. multi-metals such as Al/steel) composites from different types of material (i.e. Ti/CFRP) in particular, are studied in a basic research-oriented manner and further developed for applications in transport and energy technology.

About the testing machine used: The HC Compact (Fmax 25 kN) is a complete, compact and extremely space-saving testing system. The low noise hydraulic power pack also serves as the base support for the test frame. With the testing actuator mounted in the upper crosshead and a hard-chromed T-slotted platform, the testing machine is universally suitable for static and dynamic tests up to 25 kN, including flexure and components tests.

The testing machine at INATECH is additionally equipped with a temperature chamber, which can be moved into the HC25 as well as other ZwickRoell testing machines (i.e. Z020), via a rail system. With this chamber, application-relevant isothermal testing or ambient temperatures for automotive and aerospace applications in a range of -70 to +250 °C can be achieved.