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ZwickRoell stands for Reliable Test Results. We ensure reliable test results: our machines, our software and our services -customized for any application- make us a worldwide leader in innovation. We are committed to reliability and to continuos investing in state-af-the-art technologies and in our dedicated employees. This allows us to support you in the ongoing development of your products and processes. Reliable and ready for the next generation of technology.

We are passionate about what we do, down to the last detail. We want to share our passion with you - meet our experts online in exciting talks and learn about the latest innovations and our core competences.

  • 3 webinars
  • 1 live demonstration
  • 3 expert talks

Does calibration of your machine cover the testing range?

To get reliable test results, it is important to perform tests within the calibrated range of the testing machines sensors. We will explain, the pre-requisite to perform calibration in the lower limits of the sensors to satisfy the critical requirement of ISO 529 & ISO 6892 etc. We will demonstrate the advantage of ZwickRoell automatic calibration to safeguard against manipulation of calibration data by ZwickRoell calibration software.

Join us for a live demonstration of ZwickRoell Calibration at Xperience Center in Singapore.

Reliable Test Results and how we define them

Whether running highly standardized tests or designing completely custom solutions, we approach each challenge in materials testing with the same motivation – to achieve the most reliable results possible.

Join our international experts in their live talk about the importance and role of accuracy, repeatibility, reproducibility and traceability in the materials testing.

  • Presented by: Dr. Eduard Schenuit and Mr. Helmut Fahrenholz, ZwickRoell in Ulm (Germany)
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How do I find the right extensometer for my application?

An extensometer has to fulfill many user requirements. Beside the fulfillment of standard requirements, this can be a high flexibility for testing, high sample throughput and/or minimal operator influence. The presentation provides an overview of selection criteria and ZwickRoell extensometer solutions. In addition, it introduces the latest developments in metal, plastic and composite testing.

Challenges & Benefits of Applying Industry 4.0 in the Materials Testing Industry

In this expert talk and virtual panel discussion, we will discuss with Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director of the VDMA in India, Mr. Atul Srivastava, Vice President Quality from Welspun Corp Limited and Mr. Roland Eisenlauer, Chief Technology Officer of ZwickRoell about challenges, benefits and implementation of Industry 4.0 concept within the industry.

  • Presented by: Mr. Christian Wiese, Regional CEO, ZwickRoell in Asia Pacific (Singapore)
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Calibration - Basis for Reliable Test Results

The rules of metrological traceability became more and more important during the last years. To get an information of the measurement uncertainty of the test results it is necessary to have a reliable calibration of the material testing machine or testing device and to know how to interpret the calibration certificate. By showing examples of calibration certificates we will explain which information is included and how to filter information out of his calibration certificates.

multiXtens - wide range of tests at high accuracy

A clever, flexible extensometer system for many different tests. ZwickRoell's multiXtens is an all-rounder for changing applications and covers a large measuring range of 700 mm with the high accuracy of class 0.5. Many automatic functions minimize the operator influence and guarantee a high ease of use. A perfect system for laboratories that want to cover many tests with one extensometer: from tensile tests including transverse strain to compression and flexure tests, from metals to rubber, from small gauge lengths up to 700 mm measurement range, at ambient and non-ambient temperatures.

  • Presented by: Dr. Erhard Reimann and Mrs. Katja Müller, ZwickRoell in Ulm (Germany)
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We are at home all over the world: as are our experts. We search and find the optimal testing solution for every one of your requirements. For accurate, repeatable, reproducible and traceable test results.

Join our Asian experts in their live talk about the importance of Reliable Test Results in the materials testing.