ZwickRoell employees and customers run for € 40,000 in donations

Under the slogan “ZwickRoell Runs the World”, over 600 of our employees and customers ran 83,000 km in 60 days. In return, we are donating € 40,000 to a total of 11 charitable organizations and initiatives around the world. Sixty days of running for a good cause–that was the goal for ZwickRoell employees and customers from over 25 countries. Whether it was jogging, Nordic walking, or hiking, every kilometer counted. The top performers ran well over 800 km during this time frame, helping contribute to the grand total of 83,220 km. Within the scope of the International Forum for Materials Testing, the donations were presented to the various organizations. Included were two local projects, with € 5,000 going to the “Engineers Without Limits Ulm” initiative, and € 3600 to survivors of the fire catastrophe in Blaubeuren-Gerhausen. The employees and customers were able to make suggestions for the donations to go to charitable projects in which they are actively involved. From the suggestions that were submitted, 11 projects were selected by the managing directors. The running challenge is planned to take place again next year. Over the last three years, a total of € 75,000 have been donated.


ZwickRoell runs the world

No matter if you are a marathon pro or a total running rookie, join our movement and raise money for the ones in need.


What is the "ZwickRoell runs the world" project about?

  • ZwickRoell employees from all around the world run 60 days for a good cause.
  • The total distance to be covered in the 60 days is 80,000 km.
  • If we succeed in running 80,000 km in 60 days, ZwickRoell donates € 40,000 to charitable organizations.

How much money will ZwickRoell donate?

If the 80,000 km are achieved, ZwickRoell will donate € 40,000 to various charitable organizations. Should our employees not be able to complete the full distance, no money will be donated.

To which charitable organizations will ZwickRoell donate money?

This year the full amount will be donated to organizations around the world, which are selected and personally supported by our employees and customers. The charities will be chosen once the project has been completed.

When does the run take place?

  • Start: Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • Finish: Sunday, September 29, 2019

Who can participate in the "ZwickRoell runs the world" charity run?

Participation is open to customers and all ZwickRoell employees from our ZwickRoell headquarters in Germany, as well as from our worldwide subsidiaries and sales and service partners.