ZwickRoell runs the world – 2019 Charity Run

Following a successful charity run in 2018 by ZwickRoell employees, who raised €20,000 in donations to charitable organizations, a further run is to take place this summer, also in aid of good causes.

The 2019 charity run starts on 1st August and finishes 60 days later on 29th September with a corporate entry in the Einstein Marathon in Ulm.

This year the entire amount is to be donated to organizations from around the world chosen and personally supported by our employees. The charities will be selected at the end of the campaign.


ZwickRoell runs the world

No matter if you are a marathon pro or a total running rookie, join our movement and raise money for the ones in need.


What is the "ZwickRoell runs the world" campaign all about?

  • ZwickRoell employees and customers from around the world spend 60 days running in a good cause.
  • The total distance which must be covered in the 60 days is 80,000 km.
  • If the team succeed in running 80,000 km within 60 days, ZwickRoell will donate the sum of €40,000 to charity.

How much money is ZwickRoell donating?

If the whole 80,000 km is completed, ZwickRoell will donate €40,000 to charity. If the employees do not succeed in covering the full distance, no money will be donated.

Which charities will ZwickRoell be donating to?

This year the entire sum will be donated to organizations from around the world which have been chosen by and are personally supported by our employees and customers.
The charities will be chosen at the end of the event.

When does the run take place?

  • Start: Thursday 1st August 2019
  • Finish: Sunday 29th September 2019

Who can take part in the "ZwickRoell runs the world" charity run?

All customers and ZwickRoell employees can take part, from ZwickRoell's headquarters in Germany and from our subsidiaries and sales and service partners around the world.