Testing of Fiber-Reinforced Composites explained 

Composites are used in many new products and across multiple industries. Composites consist of two or more combined materials. In composites materials, fibers are embedded in a component of the composites known as the matrix. This creates a fiber-matrix system. The fibers can run in one or several defined directions and have preferred directions. Do you wanna know more?

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Marking-free biaxial strain measurement solution

A non-contact and marking-free biaxial strain measurement solution with unrivaled accuracy for composites testing at ambient and non-ambient temperatures.

Our new videoXtens biax 2-150 HP was designed with a focus on composite applications. In this live demonstration, we will show for typical composite tests the unique features of this best-in-class optical strain measurement system.

  • Presented by: Dr. Hannes Körber and Ms. Karin Hanak, ZwickRoell in Ulm (Germany)
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Introduction to composites and composites testing

Learn about the basics of composites and composites testing or refresh your knowledge. We will show you the basic test methods to enable quality assurance and design of composite structures. Explore how the ZwickRoell portfolio is supporting static test machines with required equipment, e.g. strain measuring, temperature chambers, or alignment.

Advanced testing methods for composites

We will be talking about further mechanical test methods often performed for composites. This includes interlaminar fracture toughness, compression-after-impact (CAI), open- and filled-hole tension and compression and bolt-bearing. Take a glimpse at ZwickRoell's portfolio for testing at different time durations, from creep to high strain rate. Further more explore our dynamic test solutions for fatigue testing of composites.

The all-in-one servo-hydraulic testing machine suitable for static & fatigue testing

Join us for a live demonstration of HC50/HC100 Compact, suitable for static and fatigue testing of composites and other materials.

With this new development, our successful series of compact servo-hydraulic testing machines is now extended to a load range of up to 100 kN. The concept of an integrated extra-quiet low-noise power pack saves valuable lab space, eliminates additional efforts for installation of a separate hydraulic system, while still creating a very comfortable working environment. A simple integration of a temperature chamber further widens your application spectrum.

  • Presented by: Dr. Hannes Körber and Mr. Tobias Jäger, ZwickRoell in Ulm (Germany)
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Compression testing of fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites

Learn more about the different methods for compression testing of composites, including applicable test standards, test fixtures, test validation criteria and failure modes. Discover how you can simplify compression testing and increase the number of valid tests using our Hydraulic Composites Compression Fixture (HCCF).

Versatility of the LTM Electrodynamic Testing Machine

The LTM is an electrocynamic testing machine with a drive based on linear motor technology. ZwickRoell's developed patented drive concept enables the LTM to be used for both dynamic and static materials and components testing. Explore with us the versatile LTM applications in the medical, plastics, composites or metal industry.

Strain measurement solutions for fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites

Learn about the importance of accurate strain measurement and the different requirements for strain measurement dictated by the basic test methods (tension, compression and shear). A comprehensive overview of the ZwickRoell portfolio for strain and deflection measurement, catering for various customer situations will be given.

Testing with innovative Temperature Chambers

Learn impressive facts and figures around the complete testing system with fully integrated temperature chamber made by ZwickRoell. With focus on plastics and composite industry, we will talk about advantages in terms of reliable test results, time and cost savings, simple operation and exact temperature control.

Experience the world of material testing with temperature chambers in a live demonstration of the well thought-out overall system. The focus of the demonstration is on the easy operation and great functionality of the temperature chamber and extensometer solutions. In addition, the demonstration will show how time and cost-saving sample changing can be.

ASTM E 1012 and NADCAP - Verifying and accomplishing correct alignment of testing machines

Verification of properly aligned testing machines is an important topic for Aerospace testing laboratories. The procedure and requirements are outlined in ASTM E 1012 and NADCAP audit criteria 7122. In this session, you will learn about different sources for non-homogeneous loading and resulting effects on the test results. We will demonstrate our complete solution for verifying and eliminating alignment errors in the load chain of your testing machine.

Join us for a live demonstration of the ZwickRoell Alignment solution for testing machines in our ZwickRoell laboratory in Germany. 

  • Presented by: Mr. Helmut Fahrenholz and Mr. Jörg Bennemann, ZwickRoell in Germany
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