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National Development Agency of India endorses ZwickRoell Academy

Bharat Sevak Samaj has authorized St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology to offer and implement a course designed by ZwickRoell Academy in Chennai.

The course “Material Testing & Machine Operator” lasts one year and focuses on metals and plastics testing. The goal is to train underprivileged youth in the poorest living conditions to become testing machine operators. The training program offers these youth a better future by helping them acquire the expertise needed to start a career.

Mission for accessible Education

Read more about Bharath Sevak Samaj and St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology. 

Bharath Sevak Samaj (BSS)

BSS is a National Development Agency, established by the Government of India in 1952. The constitution and functioning of BSS is approved by Indian Parliament and led by Planning Commission.

The main purpose is to ensure public co-operation for implementing of the National Development Plan of India, for example such as increasing access to health, education and other essential services. All these efforts shall be inclusive and achieved by ensuring that growth is broad-based and overcoming deficiencies in critical areas. BSS enables individual citizens to contribute and initiates a nationwide, non-official and non-political organization.

So far there have been discovered no limits to man's capacity to learn. From earliest times, however, men in positions of power or influence have suggested that the learning capacity of certain individuals or groups is severely limited and that they should not be expected to profit greatly, if at all, from education. These "ineducable" individuals have usually been members of minority or disadvantaged groups. It is a fact that the “failure to learn” didn’t occur due to incapacity but further more due to the lack of opportunity. BSS’s mission is to enhance social equality and bring the education to the doorsteps of everyone who wants to learn and create flexibility for lifelong learning.

St. Joseph's Institute of Technology

St. Joseph's Institute of Technology is a higher education institution in Chennai, India, established in the year 2011. It’s aim is to be a center of excellence for Education, Innovation and Research in Engineering, Technology and Management and to encourage Entrepreneurship with ethical and professional standards to benefit the society at large. They thrive to create a better learning environment to produce competent and innovative professionals with sound technical knowledge and management skills. Furthermore they instill ethical and social values among the students to contribute to the global technological and socio-economic development.

Father Johnson about ZwickRoell Academy

"On behalf of the Don Bosco Tech Campus, Chennai, I would like to thank ZwickRoell in India for their CSR initiative of setting up the material testing laboratory named ZwickRoell Academy, inside the Don Bosco Tech Campus in Chennai.

Since 2016, 25 students have completed their one-year training program and have been placed with various industries in and around Chennai. The continuous efforts of the ZwickRoell management, staff and trainers at ZwickRoell Academy, to improve the life of underprivileged students by imparting technical skills are commendable and are making a positive impact on the society. "

Fr. Johnson Anthonisamy, Rector of the Don Bosco Tech Campus