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My Favorite testXpert III Feature: Export to Excel Function

testXpert III testing software offers comprehensive functions for any testing challenge. Standardized tests, individual test sequences, as well as complex tests are all performed efficiently with the software—testXpert III features the right solution for every customer. This is ensured through a variety of functions.

For example, testXpert III offers several export options. Parameters, results, or measurement channels can be exported into Excel and ASCII files and can also be automatically integrated directly into the company database. With the Export Editor, diagrams and tables can be exported into common office applications or test reports can be sent via email. All test results can be automatically further processed, printed, sent, archived, imported and exported directly. Once set up, testXpert III will perform all imports and exports automatically. testXpert III’s export function has also made a convincing impression on the Technical University of Munich. An institute for forming technology uses measured characteristic values to optimize their FE simulation. Precise and reliable results delivered by the ZwickRoell materials testing machine are of particular focus. The export function supports the Technical University of Munich with the consolidation of all data. The test-relevant data and parameters can be defined easily and flexibly, and values can be adjusted to the respective requirement. The data can then be exported easily to any customary evaluation/analysis platform, such as AutoForm.