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20.04.2021 ical

Intelligent software testXpert III - Intuitive & workflow-based right from the start

Experience operation of a testing software that is designed to be purely intuitive. The clear, logically structured workflow guides the operator all the way through test preparation, performance and results analysis, which is in line with a typical process in a laboratory or while testing. Learning the testing software is easy after using it only once—a future-oriented and standardized operating concept for all applications and test types. testXpert III allows you to efficiently run standardized tests, individual test sequences, and complex tests, such as those used in research and development. testXpert III's workflow-based user concept is identical for all materials testing machines and instruments. 

  • This event is brought to you by ZwickRoell India

Presented by

Girish Sharma, Lead Sales Engineer, ZwickRoell in India

  • This session is in English language


  • April 20, 2021
  • 2 pm IST / 4:30 pm SGT