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08.04.2021 ical

Static and Dynamic Testing Solution for Concrete-Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing steel is essential in the construction of buildings and infrastructures. As it is a safety-relevant component, the mechanical properties of its products are defined by various national and international standards. These mechanical properties have to be tested by the individual producer and a certified lab.

  • This session is brought to you by ZwickRoell partner in Philippines, Gryke Scientific Instruments

Presented by

Jojo Poblete, Managing Director of Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading, ZwickRoell partner in Philippines
in cooperation with Oskar Gnant, Sales Engineer for High-Capacity Testing Solutions and Philipp Mayer, Sales Engineer for Fatigue Testing Solutions, ZwickRoell in Ulm, Germany

  • This session is in English


  • April 8, 2021
  • 1:00 pm PHT / SGT