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First Training Class Successfully Graduates from ZwickRoell Academy

The 2016/2017 training year was successful for the ZwickRoell Academy in Chennai, India. In the summer of 2016, the testing machine manufacturer ZwickRoell kicked off an ongoing training project in partnership with the Salesians of Don Bosco and the non-governmental organization Don Bosco Mondo e.V. The collaboration provides disadvantaged youth the opportunity to learn an attractive profession and therefore have the chance to live self-determined lives. In early 2017, the project earned ZwickRoell the German Entrepreneurship Award for Development.

Young people that otherwise would not have an opportunity to earn a good education are trained to become testing machine operators within a year at the Don Bosco Tech Campus. The first ten trainees have completed the training program and are ready for a position in a testing laboratory in India's industrial sector. They were bid farewell in a graduation ceremony with a remarkable turnout: Over 100 guests attended the ceremony to honor the first graduating class. More importantly, the project has been very well received in the industrial sector. Eight Indian-based companies expressed direct interest and scheduled interviews with the graduates of the first year training program.

Also, the next ten project participants have already begun their training. As with their predecessors, they will be trained using state-of-the-art testing machines for metals and plastics. A number of static testing machines and hardness testers are available for training; the class will also be equipped with a pendulum impact tester and melt flow indexer. The testing laboratory will not only be used for training the youth, but also for customer demonstrations and contract testing. In addition to gaining technical skills, the youth will learn important social skills. The Salesians of Don Bosco help strengthen and develop the personalities of the youth by teaching values and engaging them through community activities, as well as through sports and games. Confidence and a strong personality are essential for the youth to have a real chance for a better future.

About Don Bosco Mondo e.V.

Don Bosco Mondo e.V. helps disadvantaged children and youth in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and eastern Europe gain the opportunity to lead self-determined lives through holistic educational and vocational training. In order to achieve this goal, the association works together strategically with companies. Therefore, in 2011 they created the Corporate Partnership department. Together they perform activities ranging from CSR activities to strategic partnerships. Tailored support is provided to help companies with their market entry and possible market expansion activities in developing and emerging countries. The Salesians of Don Bosco are partners who provide knowledge to 15 million young people daily in more than 7,000 children and youth centers in over 130 countries and also teach them to believe in their own abilities. Values such as creativity, team spirit, tolerance, and respect are part of the holistic educational approach of Don Bosco.