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Electrodynamic Testing Machines with 1 and 2 kN Expand Lower Performance Range Portfolio

LTM series electrodynamic testing machines are being expanded to include performance classes of 1 and 2 kN, rounding out the existing portfolio. A 3 kN version will be available starting mid-year. Their oil-free drive makes them ideal for use in the medical and electronics industries. ZwickRoell offers electrodynamic testing machines ranging from 1 to 10 kN.

Dynamic tests are performed under cyclic loading and are used to determine fatigue-limit values and dynamic material characteristic values. The electrodynamic drive is key and was designed specifically for use in testing and includes a patented ventilation concept which reduces the thermal effect during the test and increases performance, providing ideal conditions for cyclic testing.

Typical applications for testing machines with forces of ± 1 to ± 3 kN include tests on components from the biomechanical and mechatronics industries, as well as tests on specimens from the plastics and composites industries. 

All LTM models are available with a 60 mm piston stroke. The wide speed range from 1 mm/min to 1.5 m/s enables both dynamic fatigue tests and slow static materials and component tests to be performed. The patented electrodynamic drive from ZwickRoell is smooth and quiet in operation, particularly at low speeds, while positioning accuracy is +/-2 µm.

Safety and convenience are assured thanks to motor-driven crosshead adjustment and electrically monitored crosshead clamping, together with the safe set-up mode as per EN 60204-1, which reduces speed to 10 mm/s. With an integrated T-slotted platform and drip trough, the new LTM testing machines can also be used for tests involving specimens in baths with liquid media. Operation is via testXpert R testing software for dynamic tests and testXpert III for static tests.

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