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New Pendulum Impact Tester for Testing Metals

The notch impact test is a materials testing method in which the ductility of materials can be determined relatively quickly and easily. With the new HIT450P pendulum impact tester for performing tests on metals, ZwickRoell is introducing a testing instrument that has been optimally adapted for the testing process.

During notch impact testing, a material specimen is tested under impact loading in the form of an elongated building block–single-sided, notched, and typically tempered. A pendulum hammer strikes the unnotched rear side of the specimen and breaks it. A portion of the transferred kinetic energy is absorbed by the specimen during the deformation process so that the pendulum hammer does not swing up as far on the opposite side. The energy loss is then used to determine the absorbed energy for a particular material at a particular temperature. 

Over 160 years of application knowledge and expertise were incorporated in the development of the new HIT450P. The basic instrument can be adapted to a wide range of applications through a variety of options. The ergonomic design and the logical user interface in the testXpert III testing software ensure reliable and accurate testing. As a result, input options available to the user are reduced to a minimum. Users see only what is important to them so they can focus on the task at hand. The design of the pendulum impact tester has been further optimized as well: Thanks to the central arrangement of the user elements, test cycle times are reduced because specimen remains can be easily removed from defined locations after impact. Naturally, the testing instrument complies with the strict safety requirements of ISO 13849-1 in the high quality manner that customers have come to expect from ZwickRoell.