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Automated testing of pharmaceutical packaging

A fully automated system consisting of a materials testing machine and robotic handling system ensures reliable, economical testing of pharmaceutical packaging and medical products.  Typical applications include childproof bottles, together with auto-injectors and insulin pens.

Test-result reproducibility and traceability are essential when testing pharmaceutical packaging and medical products. ZwickRoell has developed a robotic testing system for automated testing applications ranging from childproof bottles (withpress-and-turn caps) to auto-injectors and insulin pens; tests on these include determination of the release force. As well as increasing specimen throughput and reducing per-specimen costs, automation reduces operator influence, while releasing laboratory staff for more demanding activities in line with their skills and qualifications. 

The ZwickRoell testing system is designed for combined compression and torsion tests and is based around a zwickiLine Z5.0TN table-top testing machine (Fmax 5 kN)with additional torsion drive (Fmax 20 Nm). Specimen feed is via the roboTest handling system plus autoEdition2 automation software; bottles, auto-injectors or insulin pens are transported from the associated magazine to the testing machine. Even bottles of different sizes can be accommodated. Aspecial alignment unit is incorporated to ensure exact positioning of the test axis, while precision load and torsion cells guarantee high test-result accuracy.  In conjunction with the testXpert III testing software and the Extended Traceability option (as per FDA21 CFR Part 11), complete, non-manipulable documentation of the testing process is available.