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ZwickRoell Indentec launch more versatile Rockwell hardness tester

The newly introduced machine takes Rockwell hardness testing beyond the ordinary. In addition to accommodating the usual range of hardness tests on metallic materials, this machine also accommodates hardness tests on plastics, carbonaceous materials and laminated flooring products, all in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

The nose mounted indenter enables access to and visibility of awkward test points, eliminating the need for time consuming and expensive test sample sectioning.

 Utilising closed loop force application, test forces of between 1 kgf & 250 kgf can be employed to cater for both Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial tests on the one machine. The latest technology integrated into this machine guarantees a high level of test point repeatability and reproducibility for result output of the highest integrity.

 The instrument is also capable of performing Brinell tests, where a certified portable microscope is included to measure the indentation.

 The robustly constructed machine provides a standard vertical test space of 250 mm with an option available for an extended test space version.

 Featuring a colour touchscreen user interface, it simplifies the selection of test methods, test configuration and result output to help eliminate potential operator error. It provides the user with the option of selecting a manual test or a user defined automatic cyclic testing function, with definition of the test number and interval between tests, to reduce time to test to an absolute minimum.

 Measured values determined on the hardness tester can be transferred to testXpert lll, the testing industry standard software, via a serial port for logging, data archiving and processing.

 A comprehensive range of support anvils is available for testing different materials and we also provide a design capability to facilitate the provision of special purpose component holding fixtures.

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