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In the Midst of the Corona Crisis ZwickRoell Remains Committed to Keep Your Tests Running

We are proud to be a reliable partner, and in difficult times we continue to support our customers. We will respond with flexibility according to your situation to ensure the safety of your employees and ours, and at the same time help you maintain the use of your testing systems to the greatest extent possible.

In every case, the protection of health and safety is our top priority. To minimize the economic and organizational impact on our customers, we have reviewed and adapted our processes so that you can continue to rely on us and our expertise.

Take advantage of flexible offers and reduce the impact on your testing and quality assurance processes:

Transfer of Testing to the ZwickRoell Materials Testing Laboratory

support you in the maintenance of your quality assurance processes and take over testing at our facility.

Our ZwickRoell testing laboratories specialize in materials and components testing on metals, plastics and many other materials—regardless of whether it is a single test or a complete test series. All testing conducted in ZwickRoell testing laboratories is performed carefully, diligently, and according to standards.

A team of qualified test engineers and materials testers perform a wide range of quasi-static, cyclic and dynamic impact tests on the customer's behalf. With over 50 testing systems, our laboratory in Ulm is one of the largest independent testing laboratories in Germany.

For a personal consultation, please contact us via email at prueflabor@zwickroell.com or by telephone at +49 (0)7305 10 -11440.

A Time to Perform Inspections and Calibrations

Especially now it makes sense to perform inspections and calibrations, or any necessary repairs on your testing system. This will help you ensure that your machinery is fully operational once all measures concerning COVID-19 have been completed.

The health of our employees and customers is our top priority. We have prepared ourselves accordingly and implemented measures that include

  • Comprehensive hygiene management (incl. disinfecting measures and protective equipment).
  • Performance of services at off-peak times (for example early in the morning or late in the evening and on Saturdays) to minimize and, whenever possible eliminate contact. 
  • Dispatch of service technicians who are healthy and have not been in a high risk area.
  • Use of local service technicians to avoid hotel stays.

Our service technicians work independently and do not require support from your personnel. Acceptances can be easily completed at the recommended safe distance. If necessary, we can also waive the acceptance/signature, as we trust in on our long-standing collaboration with you.

For a personal consultation please contact us via email at service@zwickroell.com.

Together we will find the right solution!

Even under the current circumstances, our office and customer support personnel continue to be at your disposal. Your contacts within our company (Sales and Field Service, Service, Hotline) can be reached as always, and we are available to discuss our service and consultation offers at any time.

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