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Precise determination of deformation characteristics in the testing of components for the automotive industry

Components testing is an important part of the test arrangement in the automotive industry. In addition to force characteristics, the deformation must also be recorded with great precision. During a compression test on components it is often the case that deformation cannot directly measured with extensometers because of the geometry of the accessories. testXpert III testing software offers an attractive solution for this known as the correction curve. 

Automatic correction for machine deformation

testXpert III testing software offers the unique option of eliminating materials testing machine self-deformation while achieving high-precision measurement of components, without the need for additional extensometers. 

  • The "Determine correction curve" test program allows testing system self-deformation to be measured quickly and easily for each test arrangement.
  • For this, a force-deformation curve is recorded once with no component present. In other words, the compression platens are loaded up to machine nominal force and the resulting curve is saved in the system as a correction curve. 
  • The assignment of the correction curve to the corresponding test arrangement is saved as a system configuration in "Set up testing system", so that even with different test arrangements the right correction curve will always be loaded.
  • In the actual test, deformation correction takes place online. The amount of correction is automatically equal to the deformation of the correction curve at the corresponding force. This enables determination of extremely precise deformation values, including in compression tests on components for which an extensometer cannot be used. 
  • Another important point is that deformation correction takes place directly in the electronics. Control directly to this channel is possible, enabling precise travel to the set targets for the deformation, when testing springs for example. In systems lacking this function the deformation target would not be attained, resulting in inaccurate determination of the relevant force characteristic values.