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The new zwickiLine - the perfect testing system for medical and pharmaceutical engineering

Small footprint, big range of application – the new zwickiLine is the ideal testing machine for medical engineering and the pharmaceutical industry. The combination of an innovative operating concept and state-of-the-art drive technology with powerful, flexible electronics allow these testing machine ranges to cover a wide range of varied applications. 

The single-column zwickiLine zwickiLine testing machine range (500N to 5kN) is equally at home in research and development or quality assurance.


Measurement and control electronics

Already established in use with AllroundLine, testControl II electronics feature a high data-transmission rate of 2 kHz, offering major advantages, for example in fast tests, tests involving short, brittle specimens and in tear-growth, adhesion and peel tests. In addition, testControl II provides a minimum of 6 flexible, time-synchronized slots, allowing simultaneous time-synchronized measurement with different types of sensor. As an example, an extensometer and a measuring transducer can be used in addition to the force measurement channel.

Innovative operating concept:

The operating concept for the two machine ranges represents a landmark for quality assurance. The entire test can be performed independently of the PC via a display-equipped remote control. The operating-mode selector-switch enables clear separation of set-up and test modes, while the interplay between electronic and mechanical safety components and the testXpert testing software guarantees maximum protection for user, specimens, test data and testing system. 

Comprehensive accessories

A comprehensive accessory package is available for zwickiLine. Modular design allows load cells, test fixtures and specimen grips to be changed as and when required, or the addition of climate chambers and media baths. zwickiLine operates with testXpert II testing software, providing access to numerous test programs and special features including Expanded Traceability in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.