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ZwickRoell Indentec Introduces New Diamond Hardness Software

ZwickRoell Indentec released a new generation of software for hardness testing, Diamond.

Feature of Diamond Software

The premier feature of Diamond software  is a deep learning algorithm that mimics human behavior. This feature is beneficial for samples with surfaces not suited to automatic indentation measurement, for example low-contrast surfaces. Another benefit of this feature is improved repeatability and reproducibility of measurements between operators. Improved automatic measurements may also lead to minimized sample preparation time. 

This intuitive, workflow-based software has been adapted to ZwickRoell’s testXpert III testing machine and instrument software. The seamless compatibility reduces training time for operators and has been designed to be user friendly. testXpert III features are also included in this software such as test specific instrument configuration, selection of testing parameters, and traceability of results. 

Ensure all of your results are accurate with Diamond software. All test data is stored automatically in Diamond software’s acquisition history. Test method, hardness value, tolerances, and an image of the indentation with measuring lines can all be referenced after a test is completed and the sample removed from the hardness tester. Images of the indentations are color-coded to indicate if any measurement lines have been manually adjusted. 

Diamond software is optional on semi-automatic instrument range of testers including: ZHV30 Vickers, ZHVµ-S, and ZHU250CL. For more information on ZwickRoell’s hardness testing solutions click here