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Pre-owned HC 25, 25 kN

RetroLine testControl II Download
Type of drive
  • Servohydraulic
  • Roell Amsler
Machine electronics
  • testControl II electronics

Refurbished with the latest technology

Servohydraulic testing machines are ideal for the determination of material and component behavior under oscillating loads. Depending on the design of the overall testing system, test frequencies of well over 100 Hz can be achieved. The HC 25 table-top model is designed for loads up to 25 kN.
With the testing actuator mounted in the upper crosshead, the testing machine can be used for both standard fatigue tests and flexure and component tests. 

Before a testing machine is offered for sale in the ZwickRoell Online Pre-owned Market, it undergoes a thorough refurbishment to ensure that it conforms to ZwickRoell's quality standards. ZwickRoell guarantees that all pre-owned test equipment is fully operational and conforms to current testing technology.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Current testing technology
Absolute service reliability
Reliable spare parts availability
Comprehensive accessory portfolio
Innovative testControl II machine electronics
Ergonomic remote control with color display

Current testing technology

With every pre-owned testing machine or pre-owned testing instrument you receive current testing technology from ZwickRoell.

Absolute service reliability

A pre-owned testing machine provides the same absolute service reliability since the warranty is identical to that of new machines. This also applies to pre-owned machines from other manufacturers.

Reliable spare parts availability

ZwickRoell ensures spare parts availability for at least ten years, and can provide fast help via the Hotline or directly on-site in case of a problem.

Comprehensive accessory portfolio

Since pre-owned testing machines from ZwickRoell are updated with the latest technology in terms of measurement and control electronics and testing software, sensors, test tools or other accessories can be added from the comprehensive portfolio. It is therefore easy to implement new test requirements.

Innovative testControl II machine electronics

The control electronics’ 10kHz control frequency enables rapid reaction to events during the test, combined with a high measured-value acquisition rate. When combined with the 24-bit resolution, this enables very precise measurements.

The use of industry standards (e.g. PCIexpress) makes these electronics highly flexible and future-proof:

  • Synchronous measured-value acquisition at 10 kHz for precise measurements
  • 10 kHz control frequency for precise control, enabling rapid reaction to spontaneous events
  • 24-bit measurement-signal resolution over the entire measurement range for maximum data accuracy
  • High data-throughput to test-bench computer via Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Maximum operator safety through 2-channel safety circuits and operation mode switch for setup and test modes
  • Six freely selectable slots in the basic system: five ZwickRoell module slots and one PCIe slot

More information on testControl II

Ergonomic remote control with color display

Tests can be performed entirely via the display remote control, independently of the PC. All important information is shown on the color display. Machine operation is therefore more ergonomic and effective. The highest level of safety for the operator is ensured with an integrated emergency stop. The rocker-switch with integrated dial makes positioning fast yet highly accurate.

Technical overview

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