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Static Materials Testing Machines

The first choice for tensile, compression and flexure tests, and for shear and torsion tests.

ZwickRoell is a worldwide leading supplier of static materials testing machines, specially designed for tensile, compression and flexure tests, as well as shear and torsion tests.

Our static materials testing machines are ideal for testing applications in all areas, whether it be quality control or research projects, delivering outstanding performance in challenging materials and component testing situations.

Developed by our experts, these materials testing machines for the 200 N to 2,500 kN force range offer a wide span of test strokes and speeds and feature high-quality load frames combined with intelligent drive systems.

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Overview of our static materials testing machines

Static materials testing machines: Universal testing machines overview
Universal testing machines
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High-temperature testing machines ZwickRoell
High-temperature testing systems
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Static materials testing machines: Creep testing machines overview
Creep testing systems
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Static materials testing machines: sheet metal testing machines
Sheet metal testing machines
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Static materials testing machines: torsion testers
Torsion testing machines
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Static materials testing machines: biaxial and triaxial testing machines
Biaxial/triaxial testing machines
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Application examples for static materials testing

This is the sound of materials testing! Original sound recordings of more than 100 different ZwickRoell materials testing machines in use.

Our testing machines embody the proverbial “Made in Germany” quality. All testing systems comply with the EC Machinery Directive.


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testXpert III testing software & testControl II electronics - a powerful combination

testControl, our sophisticated measurement and control electronics system is the heart of each testing machine. It is easy to operate and extremely reliable. testXpert is our intuitive testing software, specifically designed for materials testing and components testing. It can intelligently adapt to each task and guarantees maximum accuracy and reproducibility in test results. testXpert and testControl work together to ensure efficient and safe operation of the materials testing machine.

testControl II electronics
testControl II measurement and control electronics provide the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results. As well as setting new standards in safety technology, efficiency and quality, testControl II is laying down a benchmark for drive technology.
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Flexible and simple integration of accessories for all materials testing machines

At ZwickRoell, quality and reliability means realizing our customers’ requirements—and we are able to achieve this through our flexible, well designed machines, the reliable test results we deliver and in the high quality standards that apply to all our testing machines and our wide range of accessories.

Extensometers for materials testing – a ZwickRoell core competency
Extensometers are strain measurement devices used in the field of materials testing to measure the extension of material specimens. Strain measurement is one of ZwickRoell’s core competencies. Here you will find an overview of our sensor arm extensometers, clip-on extensometers and non-contact optical extensometers and their various applications.
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Specimen Grips
Keep a tight grip on your specimen!
ZwickRoell offers cutting-edge materials testing solutions featuring a wide range of specimen grips with various designs, test force ranges, and test temperatures. We have suitable specimen grips for all specimen materials and shapes. Our portfolio includes all the established operating principles for positive as well as non-positive clamping grips.
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Environmental chambers
for materials testing from -80 °C to +2,200°C
ZwickRoell offers various systems for testing under extreme temperatures. Get an overview of our temperature and environmental test chambers up to +360 °C, high-temperature furnaces, vacuum and induction chambers up to +2,200°C and climatic chambers for medical applications.
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Interesting customer projects using static materials testing

Learn more about how customers are using our static materials testing machines.