Modernization of Vibrophores

Vehicle disc brake calipers belong to the category of safety-related components, and are subject to strict quality controls. Recommended tests among others, include fatigue tests and endurance tests, which are used to test the deformation and failure behavior of materials and components. In order to optimize cyclic testing and drive new developments, a leading automotive supplier modernized three of their ZwickRoell Vibrophores. The manufacturer supplies systems for the mobility of cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology.
Modernization at ZwickRoell means to retrofit the testing machine with high-quality components—the same ones used in new machines—and update it to state-of-the-art condition. The modular RetroLine modernization packages for Vibrophores include replacement of the static AC drive. Additional components include new testControl II measurement and control electronics with 10 kHz control frequency and 24-bit resolution, and current testing software such as for single-step fatigue tests. Vibrophores are used to determine the fatigue life of materials and components in the finite life and long life fatigue range, for example in high cycle fatigue testing to DIN 50100. The S-N curve can then be used to read off the maximum number of load changes for a determined load amplitude. The Vibrophores (high-frequency pulsators) developed by ZwickRoell can not only be used as dynamic, but also as a fully-fledged static materials testing machines—a first for this type of machine—with test loads of up to 1000kN. Tests can be force-, displacement- or strain-controlled.