Versatile Testing of Plastics

ZwickRoell portfolio for testing plastics ranges from Universal Materials Testing Machines, going through Melt Flow Index Testers, Impact and Drop Weight Testers, HDT/Vicat instruments over to fully Automated Robotic Testing Systems. Whichever Your application is, we've got you covered! 
  • 1 webinar
  • 4 live demonstrations
  • 1 expert talk

roboTest in Plastics – Automatic testing in the world of Industry 4.0 today and in the future

Why should You buy a robot from ZwickRoell and not do it by Yourself? Join us for a live demonstration of the ZwickRoell solution for automated testing of plastics applications in our ZwickRoell laboratory in Germany.

We will be talking about typical automation projects in the medical laboratory and about the future trends and developments related to the next stepds of Industry 4.0. Explore roboTest business fields and the testing software autoEdition3 – one platform for the automated laboratory. 

Testing Challenges in Plastics Industry

What are the current Testing Challenges in Plastics Industry? Our international experts from Singapore and India will dicuss in a live expert talk updates of the standards of testing polymer materials and share their experience in how to get comparable test results, or how to measure “Elastic modulus” accurately according to ISO 527. We will be talking about new applications emerging due to Covid-19, such testing of filter material for surgical and N95 masks. Last but not least, we will talk about solutions from the ZwickRoell group such as Instrumented Impact Testing and the new development of our Melt Flow Testers with live MVF display.

  • Presented by: Mrs. Jomay lee from ZwickRoell in Singapore and her guests Mr. Pan Dongsheng, ZwickRoell in Singapore & Mr. Dhaval Bhavsar from ZwickRoell in India  
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Tensile Tests according to ISO 527

In this tensile test, essential mechanical properties of molding material are determined. These characteristic values are mostly used for comparison purposes. The two standards (ISO 527-1/-2 and ASTM D638) are technically equivalent, but do not provide completely comparable results, because specimen shapes, test speeds and method of result determination differ in some respects. Do you speak the standard language? Brush up with us the definition, conditions, determination of specimen dimensions or learn about the testing machine requirements.

Versatility of the LTM Electrodynamic Testing Machine

The LTM is an electrocynamic testing machine with a drive based on linear motor technology. ZwickRoell's developed patented drive concept enables the LTM to be used for both dynamic and static materials and components testing. Explore with us the versatile LTM applications in the medical, plastics, composites or metal industry.

Drop-Weigh Testers at a glance - We leave an impact on your testing!

ZwickRoell's Drop Weight Tester products range from single purpose instruments to universal drop weight testers. They're covering material characterization and testing of finished parts and components. The modular design enables a wide variety of applications and the fulfilment of many industry requirements. Join us in our production facility to see the newest developments first hand.

Join us for a live demonstration of the drop-weight testers from our production facility in Taicang, China.

Testing with innovative Temperature Chambers

Learn impressive facts and figures around the complete testing system with fully integrated temperature chamber made by ZwickRoell. With focus on plastics and composite industry, we will talk about advantages in terms of reliable test results, time and cost savings, simple operation and exact temperature control.

Experience the world of material testing with temperature chambers in a live demonstration of the well thought-out overall system. The focus of the demonstration is on the easy operation and great functionality of the temperature chamber and extensometer solutions. In addition, the demonstration will show how time and cost-saving sample changing can be.