Machine Removal and Relocation

It is essential to pay attention to the many details and specifics to smoothly relocate your materials testing machine and instruments. Every machine relocation is different, therefore individual planning and preparation is required. ZwickRoell offers all services under one roof and ensures that your machine relocation is worry free and fast.


ZwickRoell Offers Worry-Free Machine Relocation

Your materials testing machines and instruments are an important component of your company's success and they are used to produce reliable test results. That is why it is so important that your testing system and components can be used reliably again once they have been relocated.. As the manufacturer, we understand the special requirements of relocating your testing system and how to handle sensitive electronics, a sensitive load cell, and precise mechanical and optical components.

You need a reliable partner with years of expertise when moving your materials testing machine and instruments to a new location. This is where ZwickRoell's moving and relocation services start: We provide technical and organizational planning, machine relocation preparations, transport, complete recommissioning, and mandatory calibration, as well as instruction for new machine operators. We offer all services under one roof and one central ZwickRoell contact handles the complete project planning and coordination.

Our Scope of Services

We guarantee fast, flexible and timely machine relocation services. Professional preparation, standardized processes, and the experience of our highly trained employees guarantee worry-free machine relocation. We focus on professional, competent planning and implementation to minimize the downtime of your testing machine.

You decide if you want to order our complete package or individual services for relocating your materials testing machine and instruments. If desired, we can completely manage and handle all activities involved in the project, from planning the dismantling to complete and successful recommissioning of your machine, regardless of the manufacturer.

Planning and preparation

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Technical review
  • Scheduling

Transport and relocation

  • Functional check
  • Dismantling and preparing for professional transport
  • Transport by a specialized transport company
  • Setup and professional recommissioning
  • Inspection and calibration

Additional Services

  • Instruction and training for new machine operators at the new location
  • Repairing and replacing wear parts
  • Modernizations
  • Retrofitting
Planung Maschinenumzug

Planning and preparation

Planning and preparing for machine relocation is crucial. Together, we inspect on-site conditions of the old and new locations as well as all transport routes. We compile special checklists to document on-site conditions; once the complexity is determined, ZwickRoell can make an additional on-site visit with flexibility. After technical review, an cost assessment is created for the activities involved. We will then coordinate the process and dates.

Transport and relocation

Depending on the design and size of your materials testing machine and instruments, moving a machine can be complex and it must take into consideration safety-relevant issues. That is why ZwickRoell works closely with professional transport companies to minimize the safety risk to all participants during the relocation. We prepare the transport, which is carried out by a professional transport company,and then set up, inspect, and recommission your testing system. It is our goal to provide a fast and professional services, minimizing the downtime of your materials testing machines and instruments. A calibration according to standards is necessary to ensure reliable test results after a successful machine relocation.

Additional Services

We can also plan for a modernization, retrofit or repair of your machine as part of the overall relocation project.. We recommend that ZwickRoell experts train and instruct new machine operators and users to ensure continued reliable testing at the new location. It may be necessary to temporarily store you testing machine. Our qualified test engineers and materials testers are standing by at our ZwickRoell laboratories in the event you need a temporary solution to your testing needs.

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