Reliable Test Results in Melt Flow Testing

Our customers have recurring requirements when it comes to melt flow testing. Topics such as the testing of high flow thermoplastics, increasing efficiency when testing with different weights, or saving space in the lab when multiple instruments are required all play an important role. ZwickRoell offers melt flow indexers that ensure repeatable and reproducible test results for all test methods.

Testing of high flow thermoplastics The Aflow's piston can be stopped completely in the preheating period, making it possible to test liquid polymers even without a die plug. If it is necessary to use the die plug, the Aflow and Mflow offers a die plug option. This prevents material loss in the preheat phase. The die plug is manually positioned and automatically opened by the extrudate cutter at the end of the preheat phase.

Increasing efficiency when testing with different weights Polyethylene manufacturers typically test with 2.16 kg and 21.6 kg. Two separate tests are often needed for this. ZwickRoell's Aflow can combine both tests in one. And testXpert III testing software helps define the multi-stage test. In this way, specimens can be successively tested in one test with different weights and without mechanical adaptation.



在有多个试验仪器的实验室中,testXpert III可以让一台电脑最多同时配置并控制6台Aflow或Mflow 熔融指数仪。合理配置为单测试工位和实时存储测试结果的中央操作,并提供所有正在进行的试验的概览。为了更清晰地浏览所有试验操作,我们推荐使用2台显示器。

配置testXpert III测试软件的熔融指数仪的优点:

  • 自动气泡检测功能可以通过检测熔融塑料中的气泡来防止由其引起的测量误差。
  • 实时显示跟踪融化进程,并且测量过程中熔体的行为和熔体体积流动速率,以图形或数字的方式显示试验开始时活塞移动速度,单位为cm³/10 min,当预先选择熔体密度时可以以g/10 min作为单位。

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