Take on New Challenges! Vocational Training and Degree Programs at ZwickRoell

ZwickRoell offers programs for vocational training and college degrees. If you enjoy working on complex problems and are looking for a diversified career with excellent future prospects, then ZwickRoell has the right vocational training and degree program for you! ZwickRoell Group is today's world market leader in static materials testing. More than 1,250 employees belong to the ZwickRoell family and more than 950 of them work at our headquarters in Ulm. We are passionate about our customers' needs and support more than 30,000 customers worldwide with intelligent testing technology that's "made in Germany." Become part of the ZwickRoell family. We look forward to receiving your application!

A diverse training program—here's what our trainees and students say

I'm in good hands at ZwickRoell.

Timo, Industrial Business Assistant

ZwickRoell offers a wide range of training opportunities.

Lorene, Industrial Mechanic 

A dual course of study program at ZwickRoell offers me many opportunities.

Benjamin, Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering

Career development opportunities at ZwickRoell

ZwickRoell offers diversified careers with excellent future prospects. After completing your training you have access to attractive employment options and further training opportunities.

More Than One-Size-Fits-All Training—Individual Opportunities for Trainees and Students

ZwickRoell's Junior Company (Jufi) 

ZwickRoell's Junior Company is an independent division of ZwickRoell, which is run exclusively by trainees and students. Practical learning experience is key and manufacturing and sales of self-produced products ensures economic success. Jufi provides trainees a better overview of the overall corporate operating situation, where student learn to independently solve problems and make joint decisions. Responsibility and teamwork is very important.

Work abroad abroad opportunities and at subsidiaries 

Students complete the practical part of their training at a location abroad, depending on their course of study. This can be at a European subsidiary for example, or even in the US or in Singapore. Many trainees are excited about this opportunity. Our trainees work to deepen their knowledge in a multi-week stay at one of our subsidiaries, for example in Berlin or in Fürstenfeld, Austria. This promotes personality development as well as independence as they find their way in an unfamiliar environment. During this time they learn about a new culture and way of life and develop open minded thinking and language skills.

Exciting Trainee Projects

ZwickRoell trainees work on a number of exciting projects Trainees built and tested two go-karts as a recent project. The following short video provides an overview of the planning, production, and race between the two go-karts. Both trainees and instructors had great fun with the entire project. Teamwork is required not only in projects, but also in daily life.


ZwickRoell trainee project: Production of two racing go-carts

ZwickRoell 2013 Trainee Project: Design and production of two racing go-carts Design and production by 15 trainees in the ZwickRoell apprentice workshop Project duration: 07/2013 - 10/2013 Technical data: 14 horse power engine, 4-Takt, 1 Zylinder, 419 ccm, maximum speed: 77 km/h, weight: 96 kg - For more information about training programs at ZwickRoell, visit www.zwick.de/karriere

More Advantages for Trainees and Students

Trainee Positions

Our training prepares you to take on big challenges.

  • We offer a wide range of options, not only for technical professions, but social and methodological professions as well.
  • Exhange programs at various locations, active participation in the Zwick Junior Company, social internships, and team development are just a few examples of our diversified activities.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Technical College Training Opportunities—Dual Course of Study Program at Zwick

Our technical college training program prepares you to take on big challenges.

  • We offer a wide range of options, not only for technical professions, but social and methodological professions as well.
  • In addition to practical and theoretical parts, we offer exchanges at various locations worldwide.
  • Interesting projects complement your course of study program.
  • We offer scholarship opportunities for subsequent master degree programs.

We look forward to receiving your application!