Future Reliability calculations to choose the right Maintenance Strategy

PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (abbreviated as PT PJB) is a subsidiary of state-owned electricity company PLN that supplies electricity in almost all parts of Indonesia. They are committed to be World Class Power Plant which upholds Healthy and Safety Environment and maintain good relationship with surrounding community. PT. PJB has 9 power plants that produce electricity with a total capacity of 7.055 Mega Watt.

One of the most important equipment along the electricity generation is Boiler or Heat Recovery Steam Generator which constitutes of tubes. Boiler tubes directly determine the reliability and availability of electricity supply. Knowing reliability of tubes by calculating remaining life estimation will help maintenance strategy of power plants for the future. When we joined the case, some of specimens have been tested by a third party. The specimen, the super-heater tube, is tested in a creep test and the lifetime estimation is calculated with Larson Miller Parameter. We proposed the customer a different approach. This was to test the specimen in house, which would save the customer money. We showed the customer the advantages of such decision backed with the technical expertise Messphysik can deliver for such a solution.

Facts that convinced the customer

  • Messphysik could provide a creep testing machine with high temperatures to calculate the lifetime according to ISO 204 and ASTM E139-06.
  • A High Temperature Furnace with 6 thermocouples (3 for furnace & 3 for sample) which ensures proper control of the temperature.
  • Precise speed of +/-0.1% of set speed.
  • Resolution of stroke encoder, 0,068 nm.
  • The feature of a Virtual Testing Machine for Creep Testing within the testXpert testing software.