testXpert III testing software

Intuitive and workflow-based right from the start!

testXpert III is the result of close cooperation with software users in the materials testing industry and the experience of over 40,000 successful testXpert installations. From the very start, testXpert III uses a workflow that is based on your lab processes to guide you step by step through your test. Get to know testXpert III and experience how easy it is to use.

Uniform operating concept

testXpert III's workflow-based user concept is purely intuitive and identicalfor all materials testing machines and instruments. Learning the testing software is easy after using it only once—a future-oriented and standardized operating conceptfor all applications and test types. testXpert III allows you to efficiently run standardized tests, individual test sequences, and complex tests, such as those used in research and development.

Getting started is easy!

testXpert III is a workflow-based software that keeps training time to a minimum and makes testing efficient and reliable. 

We speak the language of your industry

Our materials testing machines are successfully used in more than 20 industries. The highly flexible testing system can also be adapted to individual requirements at any time - with ZwickRoell users experience testing without compromise.

The software platform for all plastics and composite testing

  • With testXpert ZwickRoell introduced a uniform operating concept for all applications – regardless of whether testing machines, automation, pendulum impact testers, extrusion plastometers, hardness testers or drop-weight testers are involved.
  • Whether testing plastics, molding materials and plastic products, pipes, films and sheet materials, welded and glued joints, soft foams, hard foams, components or rubber, rubber products and elastomers, testXpert III offers the right solution for every testing requirement.

Testing metal applications standard-compliant with ease

  • Higher product tolerances in production by determining Young's modulus on both sides and excellent strain rate control to ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8.
  • 100% reliable test results with validation to ISO 6892-1/TENSTAND.

Traceable Test Results and Testing Sequences  in medical industry

  • Compliant with legal requirements such as 93/42/EWG or FDA 21 CFR Part 11, thereby safeguarding our customers.
  • Reliable processes and secure backups due to the creation of locally and globally comprehensive parameters, reports, and dialog boxes. This applies to multiple test programs and machines

Fulfillment of various requirements for the automotive industry

The testing needs in the automotive industry ranges from testing materials to complete components. We have every sample under the magnifying glass with real-time display of the test process or online calculation of the test results. Even superimposed multi-axis solutions can be easily implemented with testXpert III.

Partnering with institutions of higher learning and R&D

  • The special All-In Suite Education package gives colleges and universities access to all available testXpert II programs, features and options.
  • Some of the functions which have proved particularly successful in both research and education are, for example, prepared standard test programs, synchronized video recording, the integrated macro language ZIMT and much more. See for yourself!

Intuitive, efficient testing

  • testXpert III operation is designed to be purely intuitive. The user guidance is in line with the lab processes as on the home screen.
  • Meaningful icons and a standardized structure for all applications make it easy to quickly navigate through the software and get started.
  • Related content is grouped together in one place and are visually connected by a distinct color. Each specimen has a colored identifier and the specimen parameters an statistics are easily visible through visual highlighting
  • The clear and logically structured workflow from left to right enables fast and straightforward navigation and efficient testing, and reduces the number of click paths and mouse clicks required.
  • Advanced functionalities can be accessed in the context menu via the series tree or by right clicking in the desired control panel. This way the functionalities available for the control panel will always be displayed.
  • Interactive help can be accessed anytime by pressing the F1 button, adapts to the active control panel and offers detailed instructions of steps that can be taken. 
  • In the status display at the bottom of the main screen, the user can see whether the machine is in operation, how much force is currently being applied, how far the strain of the specimen is, and much more. The status display is customizable and protects the specimen, the materials testing machine, and the user at all times. 
Context menu_right_mouseclick_curve_testXpert III

One of the safest testing systems

The unique System Configuration Builder makes it possible to define reproducible test conditions and offers maximum safety for the user and testing system. 

testXpert III always knows HOW, WHERE, and WITH WHAT to test!

Intelligent wizard for test configuration

All test-relevant settings can be made using the intelligent wizard.

The intelligent wizard shows the operator which test parameters must still be configured and automatically checks all entries for plausibility. 

Safe Data Import & Export

testXpert III reduces input errors, increases efficiency in the test lab and can communicate with any IT system via automated importing and exporting. All test relevant data is imported quickly and directly from ERP systems, databases, or external devices. Data can be exported into your customary evaluation analysis platform.

Traceable and tamper-proof test results

All safety-critical tests, such as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, have special requirements for traceability and documentation. testXpert III ensures that the test results are protected against manipulation at all times and that all changes and test results are traceable.
Tracciabilità testXpert III

Condition Monitoring

The Condition Monitoring saves all machine specific data in a local database on the machine PC. The data can be called up via the machine dashboard or via web browser.

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Testing software testXpert III - Intuitive & Workflow-Based

Our testing software testXpert III offers an intuitive and workflow-based concept for all testing machines and instruments. The workflow reflects the work processes used in your lab and guides you through the various steps of a test, from preparing and running the test to analyzing results.