Safe communication with any IT system


testXpert III 减少了输入误差,提高了实验室的效率,能通过自动输入和输出与任何IT系统沟通。

  • 所有试验相关数据都从ERP系统、数据库或外部设备快速直接地获取。
  • 数据可输出至您习惯使用的评估分析平台。
  • 需要时快速编辑试验报告---testXpert III能在完成要求设置后自动输出数据。
  • 使用testXpert III,能同时校准外部传感器和测量放大器。


Result selection

testXpert III offers preset results, which is especially advantageous for standard tests.Each result can be adapted to your individual requirements, and with the Results Editor option you can create as many results as you desire.You can choose from result types such as reference values, maxima, minima and average values, peaks, gradients and ZIMT scripts.ZIMT allows you to create any number of complex calculation and evaluation methods.The graphical display also helps with being able to quickly trace the result calculation.

Report per individual requirements and specifications

Whether you need simple or customized reports, the Report Editor offers virtually unlimited possibilities.Any change made to the report is updated directly in the preview.Multiple reports can also be defined and saved with the test program.

Export interfaces

testXpert III offers several export options.Parameters, results, or measurement channels can be exported into Excel and ASCII files as well as be automatically integrated directly into the company database.With the Export Editor, diagrams and tables can be exported into common office applications or test reports can be sent via email.All test results can automatically be processed, printed, sent, archived, imported and exported directly.Once set up, testXpert III will perform all imports and exports automatically.