Robotic Testing System for Elastomer Specimens

Tensile and tear growth tests are essential for the development and manufacture of elastomers. As a worldwide leading supplier of synthetic rubber, Arlanxeo opted for an automated testing system from ZwickRoell that is specially designed for performing elastomer tests.

The company specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of high-performance synthetic rubber that is used, for example, in the automotive and tire industry, in the construction field, and in the oil and gas industry. Automating the large number of associated tensile and tear growth tests relieves labor personnel from performing standard, monotonous tasks. The core of the system is a Z010 testing machine with a 1 kN load cell and symmetrically closing pneumatic grips. Due to its high test area, it provides sufficient space to test highly extensible materials. ZwickRoell’s non-contact extensometer, lightXtens is used to deliver precise extension measurement. It is wear-free in operation and is ideally suited to specimens displaying high fracture energy and that are prone to whipping at break. A 6-axis industrial robot from KUKA is responsible for the handling of the specimens that are stored in the portable magazine towers. The thickness of the specimens is determined in advance at three locations and the necessary markings for the lightXtens are applied. The system control is handled by ZwickRoell’s autoEdition 3 automation software, while testXpert III records and processes the data and relays it to the customer's local network. At a glance:

  • Automated testing system for tensile and tear growth tests on elastomers
  • Z010 materials testing machine with high test area for tests on highly extensible materials
  • Automatic marking, specimen identification, and handling via KUKA industrial robots