Condition Monitoring with testXpert III Analytics

The increasing networking and communication capability of plants and machinery in the context of Industry 4.0 has the potential for the recognition of errors, the optimization of production processes and for more extensive statistical evaluations. Even the condition of the machines themselves can be monitored to make gradual changes visible and prevent longterm errors. While certain margins of error that do not affect product quality are tolerated in the production process, in the area of materials testing and quality assurance reliable test results are nonnegotiable.
The new condition monitoring function in testXpert III transfers the current condition of testing machine, sensors and accessories to a database. Processed by testXpert Analytics, a thin web client, all collected data in the company network is accessed through a web browser, independent of device. In the future it will be a great relief for the responsible laboratory manager to be able to view the data of each individual testing machine, especially in the case of extensive machinery, for example with test laboratories located far away from one another. Among other things, operating hours, test times, possible overload conditions of the load cells and the time until the next calibration are displayed. In addition, the software assumes the function of an electronic maintenance manual and provides reminders of regularly scheduled maintenance or repair work. Their completion is traceably logged by the corresponding employee. Accessories, both active and passive, are also managed. For the future, a display for the evaluation of the collected data of all connected testing machines is also planned. Laboratory managers will then have a consolidated view of the condition of all machinery and can combine work on several testing machines – such as pending calibration – in a timely fashion.