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Testing Machine for Triaxial Loading

  • Medical
Test load
  • 2 N
Type of test
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Shear testing (x-y axis)
Special feature
  • Simultaneous force measurement in three orthogonal directions also possible in temperature-conditioned fluid mediums

Tensile-Compression Test with Biaxial Shear Loading

To enable determination of the shear properties of soft biological (orthotropic) tissue a testing system for triaxial applications has been developed. The testing machine consists of two main components: an upper platform, which is designed to be vertically (in the Z direction) displaceable and a lower platform, which is designed to be horizontally displaceable in two directions perpendicular to each other (the X and Y directions).

Advantages & Features

  • Low-load testing machine for measuring the shear force of biological (orthotropic) tissues
  • Upper platform (in the Z direction) vertically displaceable, achieved by precision, low-loading testing machine for compression loading
  • Lower platform (X and Y directions) horizontally dipslaceable, achieved by precision linear module for shear loading
  • Simultaneous force measurement in three orthogonal directions (X, Y, and Z direction) via 3-axis load cell for extremely small forces and for low crosstalk of the force axes.
  • Testing software via graphical sequence editor for graphically supported generation of individual test sequences with multiple axes
  • Temperature conditioning vessel: Glass basin for measuring specimens in physiological and temperature conditioned liquid

Triaxial Testing on Biomaterials and Tissues

During the test the tissue specimen is attached to the upper and lower platforms using a thin coating of super glue and immersed in a temperature-conditioned physiological solution. The lower platform moves relative to the horizontally fixed upper platform, whereby the specimen is sheared.

Technical Overview

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