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Company Information: ZwickRoell at a Glance

For more than 160 years ZwickRoell has delivered outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality, and reliability in materials and component testing. Our customers trust ZwickRoell for our global leadership in static testing and our significant growth in the field of fatigue testing systems. ZwickRoell in numbers: sales for the fiscal year 2022 totaled EUR 288 million.

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About ZwickRoell

“Passionate Commitment to Our Customers” is our company philosophy. As a family-run organization with traditions reaching back 160 years, we greatly value honesty and fairness. Thus, over the years, a trusting and close collaboration has developed between our customers, partners, suppliers and employees—something we all value greatly. With 15 product groups and testing solutions for more than 20 industries, as well as support from our approximately 1800 employees representing over 50 countries, we have grown into an expert and strong partner in the field of materials testing.

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Quality of our testing machines and certificates

At ZwickRoell, quality means realizing the high demand of our customers—something we prove with our flexible and sophisticated machine designs, and consistent reliable test results. ZwickRoell machine and software solutions are known for accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility and seamless traceability of test results. In other words, we guarantee reliable test results.

Our Made in Germany quality standard is supported by an in-house production depth of more than 85% at our headquarters in Ulm, Germany, and guaranteed spare parts availability of at least 10 years. Certificates provide additional proof of our quality standard.

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ZwickRoell environmental and social involvement

With entrepreneurial success comes obligation. This applies not only to our employees and customers, but also to our community and the environment. ZwickRoell is a family-owned company, and for years we have been committed to thinking and acting in a way that sustains our future and helps people in need. We stay true to this responsibility through

  • Various environmental and sustainability projects
  • The foundation of our ZwickRoell Academy in Chennai together with Don Bosco, to provide young people in India the opportunity for a better future
  • Our annual charity event “ZwickRoell Runs the World”, for which ZwickRoell employees, customers and family members run, walk or hike to support good causes around the world. To date, we have donated almost €374,000 to more than 50 domestic and international organizations and institutions.

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Careers at ZwickRoell

Innovative, creative, dependable, passionate: those who choose ZwickRoell—as a customer or employee—benefit from genuine added value. Become part of the ZwickRoell family with more than 190 product and industry experts, 75 trainees and interns and a total of 1800 employees around the world. Learn more about our vocational training and degree program, our current global career opportunities, and about ZwickRoell as an employer.

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ZwickRoell history

The company history of the ZwickRoell Group dates back more than 160 years. A wide range of innovations in the field of materials testing have been associated with the names Amsler, Mohr&Federhaff, Roell and Zwick since the mid-19th century.

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