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Cookies/Service Settings

Cookie settings

Under the following links you can adjust your cookie settings:

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Necessary cookies

NameCookie expiration timePurpose
PHPSESSIDFor the duration of the sessionIs used automatically as soon as a PHP page is called up
location_footer_country_id_v213 monthsRecognizes the country from which the user originates, at which point the correct contact person appears in the footer
z7_curfew_whitelist Saves the decision to display pop-up windows
Cookie level v4 Saves the decision to use cookies

Google Services

NameCookie expiration timePurpose
DIE13 monthsMarketing – Google Ads
_ga2 yearsAnalysis – Google Analytics
_ga_311N54KFQ82 yearsAnalysis – Google Analytics
_ga_M7HC05BXEG2 yearsAnalysis – Google Analytics
_gcl_au90 daysMarketing – Google Ads
CONSENT2 yearsExternal services – YouTube
_Secure-ENID13 monthsUsed by Google to prevent fraudulent login attempts. It also contains a Google user ID, which can be used for statistics and marketing purposes after successful login.
SOCS13 monthsGoogle uses the SOCS cookie to store the user’s status in relation to their cookie choice
DV1 dayMarketing



NameCookie expiration timePurpose
_cfuvidfor the duration of the sessionAnalysis
_cf_bm30 minutesAnalysis


NameCookie expiration timePurpose
_hjSessionUser_*1 yearAnalysis


Meta Pixel

NameCookie expiration timePurpose/category
fr90 daysDelivery of advertisements and measurement of relevance
_fbp90 daysAnalysis
_fbc90 daysnn
oo5 yearsPrevention of personalized advertising
c_user365 daysAuthentication
xs365 daysAuthentication
dpr7 daysPerformance
wd7 daysPerformance
datr2 yearsFraud prevention

LinkedIn Insight-Tag

You can find an overview of the cookies used by LinkedIn at: https://de.linkedin.com/legal/l/cookie-table