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The ZwickRoell Group

Our headquarters in Ulm and our presence around the world

ZwickRoell is a worldwide leading supplier of static materials testing machines. In the area of dynamic testing, we have been successfully providing solutions for fatigue testing systems for decades. We also offer innovative BUP sheet metal testing machines, hardness testing machines and instruments, extrusion plastometers for melt index determination, and products for impact testing.

ZwickRoell materials testing machines are used in the fields of research & development and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. Our experts have a detailed understanding of the individual requirements of each of these industries and meet your specific testing needs with state-of-the-art solutions.

Today, our medium-sized family business is represented by production facilities in Germany, Great Britain, China, Czech Republic and Austria, as well as ZwickRoell subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, Japan and China and our sales and service partners in 56 countries. The ZwickRoell Group’s approximately 1,800 employees continuously work to maintain outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality, and reliability in materials and component testing.

ZwickRoell at a glance ZwickRoell management team The ZwickRoell Group ZwickRoell contacts worldwide

ZwickRoell materials testing - image filmZwickRoell materials testing - image film

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€304 milli Revenue
1854 founding year
15 Product groups for tailor made testing solutions

The right solutions and reliable test results you can depend on.

For over 160 years. And into the future. Ensured by our team of 1,800 employees worldwide, with expertise, openness and passion.

Klaus Cierocki
CEO ZwickRoell AG

Industry Solutions
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Industry Solutions

  • Our machines run approximately 80,000,000 materials and component tests annually. This unique level of expertise makes us a global leading partner in materials and component testing for over 20 industries.
  • More than 18,200 standards exist in the field of materials testing. Nearly 200 experts tirelessly work on the perfect solution for you. We will look for and find the optimal solution for every one of your requirements. Our testing systems are perfectly suited for your needs, in any industry. Because of our large, modular product portfolio, we are able to advise you regardless of product.
Industry overview
Overview of ZwickRoell products / machines


All our products are developed and manufactured within the ZwickRoell Group, guaranteeing seamless compatibility of all components, and reliable test results. Our machine portfolio includes:

  • Static materials testing machines from 0.5 kN to 5,000 kN
  • Fatigue testing machines
  • Automated testing systems
  • Products for impact testing Impact Testers and Charpy Impact Testers
  • Hardness testers
  • Extrusion plastometers
  • HDT / Vicat instruments
ZwickRoell accessories - core competency and “made by ZwickRoell”


We develop and manufacture our comprehensive product portfolio.

We meet all of your requirements. We are able to do this due to our flexible, modular and sophisticated machine design. Using our proven standard components, we build your customized testing system to perfectly suit your needs. With our intelligent plug and T-slot system, your testing solution can be easily adapted to new test requirements as needed. Our core competencies are:

  • Measurement and control electronics
  • Testing software
  • Extensometers
  • load cells
  • Specimen Grips and Test Tools
  • Temperature chambers and high-temperature furnaces
ZwickRoell Services


We not only meet the widest range of test requirements, we also support you throughout the entire life cycle of the testing system with tailored support services—anywhere in the world. We always strive for excellent service in more than 56 countries.

  • Consulting and Applications Testing Laboratory
  • ZwickRoell Academy training courses
  • Servicing and inspection
  • Calibration
  • Software services
  • Online services
  • Hotline and customer support
  • Repairs and spare parts
  • Testing system modernizations
Our services

The ZwickRoell management team

The ZwickRoell Group is led by a professional and experienced management team that continuously develops and drives innovation based on a long history and tradition.

The ZwickRoell Group

Established in Germany – At your service around the world

With production facilities, subsidiaries and partners, we are represented in more than 50 countries.

ZwickRoell headquarters in Ulm, Germany
ZwickRoell North America Headquarters
ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld (Austria)
Toni Technik (Germany)
Latzke (Germany)
Indentec (Great Britain)
GTM (Germany)
EMCO-Test (Austria)
ZwickRoell GmbH & Co.KG in Ulm - Headquarters of the ZwickRoell Group

ZwickRoell headquarters in Ulm, Germany

  • 1938 Founding of Zwick in Ulm-Einsingen and start of testing machine manufacturing: merger with the ZwickRoell Group 1992
  • Main production location for 15 product groups with 85% in-house production. In-house development and manufacturing of load frames and main components.
  • Core competencies in the fields of testing software, extensometers, load cells, measurement and control electronics, specimen grips and test tools, temperature chambers
  • 200 product and industry specialists for new and ongoing product development; 7 members of standards committees
  • Testing laboratory with 50 testing systems and 2,000 accessories for pretesting, contract testing and online demonstrations.
ZwickRoell North America Headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia

ZwickRoell North America Headquarters

Our ZwickRoell headquarters in North America supports our customers in the US, Canada, Mexico and neighboring countries through sales and service with the constant goal of meeting specific customer requirements and creating exceptional user experiences:

  • founded in 1995 in Kennesaw, GA.
  • Sales and service network in the US, Canada and Mexico and access to the entire service portfolio
  • Xperience Center with a wide range of testing machines, instruments and accessories for premium customer consultations in the form of demonstrations, preliminary tests, industry-specific events and implementation of our comprehensive ZwickRoell Academy training courses.

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ZwickRoell Fürstenfeld - high-temperature testing systems, creep testing machines, optical extensometers

ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld (Austria)

  • Member of the group since 2006
  • Medium-sized company with headquarters in Austria
  • Competence center for high-temperature testing machines, creep testing machines and optical extensometers for non-contact extension measurement
More about ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld
Toni Technik Baustoffprüfsysteme company premises

Toni Technik (Germany)

ZwickRoell AG holds a majority interest in Toni Technik Baustoffprüfsysteme GmbH.

  • Founded in 1876
  • 35 employees at the headquarter location in Berlin / Germany
  • Competence center for building material testing systems
More about Toni Technik

Latzke (Germany)

  • Latzke Härteprüfung GmbH, headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia, became part of the ZwickRoell Group in 2015.
  • Sales and service center for ZwickRoell hardness testing products for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Liechtenstein and Denmark.
  • DAkkS accredited calibration lab
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ZwickRoell Indentec - part of the ZwickRoell Group and competence center for Rockwell hardness testing

Indentec (Great Britain)

  • Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Ltd. with headquarters in Brierley, Great Britain, founded 1976
  • Member of the ZwickRoell Group since 2000
  • Competence center for Rockwell hardness testing for construction, development and manufacturing of machines for Rockwell hardness testing and calibration reference blocks for other hardness testing methods.
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GTM (Germany)

  • GTM Testing and Metrology GmbH headquartered in Bickenbach,Germany; founded 1988
  • Member of the ZwickRoell Group since 2007
  • Competence center and leading manufacturer of load cells, torque transducers and multi-component transducers.
More about GTM

EMCO-Test (Austria)

  • EMCO-TEST Testing Machines GmbH, headquartered in Kuchl, Austria was founded in 1954
  • Development and production of hardness testers and instruments with ~ 40 employees
  • ZwickRoell Group competence center for hardness testing since 2021
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ZwickRoell representatives around the world

As a global leading supplier of innovative materials testing systems, we are represented by subsidiaries and sales partners on all continents. We offer excellent local service and consultation in 56 countries around the world. Our partners and contact information