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ZwickRoell Academy training courses

ZwickRoell Academy offers a diverse and informative training program for beginners and advanced users. It ranges from training courses on our testXpert II and testXpert III testing software, to application training, online training courses and workshops for metals, plastics, hardness and extrusion testing, as well as courses customized to your company's individual requirements. Our training concept is modular and structured—whether training takes place at ZwickRoell, a location near you, online, or directly at your site.

testXpert testing software Application training courses and workshops Online training courses Customized training courses

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In-person testXpert testing software training courses

Basic course Advanced course Specialist course ZIMT basic course ZIMT advanced course

Online training on popular testXpert features

User management, traceability and electronic signature User interface, parameters and dialogs Organization data and test data globalization Results environment Test environment management Customized online training

Training courses on all things related to materials testing

Application training for plastics testing Application training for metals testing Application training for hardness testing Application training for extrusion testing Basic training for calibrations Basic online training for materials testing Advanced online training for materials testing

Individually tailored training

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Take advantage of the benefits provided by ZwickRoell Academy training courses

To maximize the learning experience, training courses are conducted in small groups of no more than ten to twelve participants. Group sizes are limited to as few as four to six individuals for practical hands-on days and workshops, enabling each participant to actively work with the testing system.

Training course participants at the ZwickRoell Academy receive a personalized certificate for their professional development and qualification, which includes the scope of the course and learning content.

More than 15,000 training course participants have confirmed their satisfaction with our successful modular training programs.


Over 98 percent of ZwickRoell Academy training course participants would recommend our training courses and especially praise the practical relevance of our courses, the comprehensive documentation, as well as the transferability of the content to their everyday testing.

A well-founded understanding of your testing system offers distinct advantages to you and your company:

A well-founded understanding of your testing system offers distinct advantages to you and your company:

Safe operation
Working efficiently
Reliable Test Results
Cost savings

Safe operation

ZwickRoell Academy training courses place great importance on the safe handling of the testing system and its safety devices. This ensures the your safety and the safety of the machine.

  • Deepened knowledge and understanding of the testing system and testing requirements
  • Familiarization and understanding of the comprehensive safety features of the testing machine and the testing software
  • Observing safety features ensures your safety and the safety of the machine
  • Preventing malfunctions and damage to the testing system and the resulting loss in time and increased expense

Working efficiently

Our training courses teach you how to efficiently work with your testing system. Optimize your test sequence for productive and convenient everyday testing.

  • Acquired knowledge about the many configuration options of the testing machine and the testing software allows you to work faster and more efficiently
  • New testing requirements can be quickly implemented and carried out
  • By optimizing your test sequences, you work faster without sacrificing quality and reliability of the results
  • Safe use of the testing system avoids malfunctions due to operating errors These cost and time savings result in significant efficiency

Reliable Test Results

We know that with every one of your tests the goal is to produce reliable results. By participating in a training course through ZwickRoell Academy you are laying the foundation for your success.

  • Deepened knowledge and understanding of the testing system and testing requirements
  • Sound basis for correct interpretation and evaluation of your test results
  • Optimized test sequences
  • Minimized operator influence through correct and safe operation

Cost savings

An investment in ZwickRoell Academy training courses pays off quickly. Safely and efficiently handling your testing system and avoiding test errors are factors in achieving reliable test results and are thus the basis for significant cost savings:

  • By reliably configuring, operating and performing tests, you avoid unnecessary failure of the testing system and protect your investment. Repair costs and downtime due to operation errors are minimized.
  • Understanding the testing system and the various test requirements makes it possible for you to work more quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Learning how to optimally work with your testing system and achieve reliable test results prevents test errors, which means you avoid time-consuming repeated tests and unnecessary costs. Claims from internal or external customers due to erroneous test results are avoided.

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