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Laboratory for Materials and Components Testing

A team of qualified test engineers and materials testing technicians perform a wide range of quasi-static, cyclic, and dynamic impact tests at our ZwickRoell testing laboratories in Ulm, on the customer's behalf.

All testing conducted in ZwickRoell testing laboratories is performed carefully, diligently, and according to standards. We rely on our test engineers and materials testing technicians' many years of experience and sound expertise. With the expertise and extensive equipment provided by our ZwickRoell testing laboratories, we also offer you the ideal solution to achieve reliable test results in a fast, flexible and cost effective manner. We completely customize for all branches of industry and materials, whether metals, plastics, rubber or composites, in the automotive, medical or other industry—you will find yourself in good hands.

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Specific Testing Request

Wide range of testing options with more than 50 testing systems and 2,000 accessories

All testing conducted in ZwickRoell testing laboratories is performed carefully, diligently, and according to standards. In our testing laboratories we perform contract testing and subcontract testing of any kind. Our rapid response times enable us to provide you with fast test results. By prior arrangement, we can also provide express testing.

We also develop and manufacture the necessary adaptations and devices for your specific testing needs.

Overview of the various options we offer:

Additional benefits provided by the ZwickRoell testing laboratory

Additional benefits provided by the ZwickRoell testing laboratory

Bridging your capacity bottlenecks
Cost flexibility
Comparison testing

Bridging your capacity bottlenecks

Capacity bottlenecks can be challenging for you and your company. These capacity bottlenecks can be caused by various factors:

  • Lack of staff (skills shortage, staff shortage due to vacations and illness)
  • Your testing machine is not operational (due to defects)
  • You cannot meet your high testing volumes (due to a large contract)
  • You must bridge the time until the delivery of a new testing system

To quickly and flexibly rectify such capacity bottlenecks or prevent them early on, we are prepared to handle your testing until your situation has improved.

Cost flexibility

Do you have low or irregular testing volumes or does purchasing a testing machine not make sense for your needs? In such cases, we can handle testing for you.

  • By outsourcing your materials testing to ZwickRoell, your costs are predictable.
  • The more tests you outsource to our laboratories the lower your unit cost.

Comparison testing

  • Has an in-house testing comparison produced different test results?
  • Do your laboratories at site A and site B, despite seemingly similar approaches, produce varying measured values?
  • Or do your customers’ or suppliers' test results deviate from your test results?

Take advantage of the expertise and neutral status provided through our Laboratory for Materials and Components Testing! We support you as a neutral third party and deliver reliable, independent test results.

Together we can look at the various test differences and influential factors, so that you can take measures to ensure uniform testing extending across locations. Our experts look forward to supporting you in standardizing your general requirements and test sequences.

Testing to Standards or Special Customer Requests

For more than 35 years, experienced test engineers and materials testing technicians have been performing a wide range of tests quickly and reliably according to customer orders. Implementing your specific standards is easy for us.

  • We have access to a large archive of standards (e.g. tensile testing, hardness testing, impact testing,...) and look forward to supporting you in finding solutions for your testing requirements.
  • Implementing your specific standards is easy for us, regardless of whether it is a single test or a complete test series. Our many experts offer specific know-how and years of experience.
  • We regularly put our efficiency to the test by participating in round robin tests.

Watch Tests Live via Video Transmission

ZwickRoell testing laboratories are equipped with all of the latest multimedia options required for video conferencing and live demonstrations. This provides an opportunity, in particular for international customers or those who are at farther distances, to participate live in contract testing and preliminary tests on a regular basis.

Customers can ask questions and comment on the test sequence during the test that is transmitted in detail, and at the end can discuss the test result with the responsible team member. In contrast to receiving a simple test report, customers get a more sophisticated picture of how their specimens or components are being tested and when and how the material failure occurred.

Are you questioning what the right testing option is for you?

Our experts will work with you to find the optimal testing solution for your needs.

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Comprehensive documentation of your tests

Once your testing is complete, your test results are sent to you quickly in a PDF file format. Upon request, you will also receive the raw data for each individually identified measuring point of your test so you can perform an independent analysis.
By prior arrangement, we can also provide you with photo documentation and additional test reports or testing evaluations.

  • The test reports describe the condition of the specimen, the test arrangement, possible problems and testing characteristics, as well as concrete solutions.
  • Special evaluations are also possible and can be implemented in-house by our specialists through software add-ons and modifications.
  • If needed, you also receive the tXp ZSE file to be imported into the software on your ZwickRoell materials testing machine.

All of our laboratories' materials testing machines and instruments are calibrated regularly, with the majority according to the German National Accreditation Body DAkkS. If needed, we can send you the calibration reports.

Metals Testing Laboratory

The ZwickRoell Laboratory for Materials and Components Testing will support you with any testing requirement surrounding metals. We supply standard-compliant testing solutions for all established test standards (DIN, ISO, ASTM, etc.) and specimen shapes (flat specimens, round specimens, concrete-reinforcing steel, wire, castings, etc.). From preparation of the specimen material and testing, to evaluation and analysis of test results, the ZwickRoell testing laboratory offers expert metals testing.

  • Tensile, compression, and flexure tests (including at temperature)
  • Hardness tests to all established methods
  • Fatigue tests and fracture mechanics
  • High-speed tests
  • Biaxial and torsion tests
  • Component testing

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Testing Laboratory for Plastics, Rubber and Composites

The ZwickRoell Laboratory for Materials and Components Testing is one of the largest testing labs for polymers, composites (GFRP, CFRP), and elastomers in Germany. Since at ZwickRoell we manufacture our own equipment, we always use systems with the latest technology. The benefits are obvious: maximum result precision and efficient testing.

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Testing Laboratory for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

The many and varied testing challenges in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering call for extensive experience in this area. From simple materials testing to complex component testing—our test engineers' experience and support are at your disposal. ZwickRoell machinery is equipped with testing systems for static and dynamic tests on threaded fasteners, CT specimens, springs, gears, crankshafts, and much more.

  • Tensile, compression, and flexure tests (ISO 6892, etc.)
  • Tests at temperature (-40°C to +900°C)
  • Hardness tests to all established methods (Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, etc.)
  • Fatigue tests and fracture mechanics
  • Sheet metal testing (for example, cupping tests to Erichsen (DIN EN ISO 20482), earing tests (DIN EN 1669), etc.)
  • Impact tests up to 750 J (Charpy, Izod, Brugger, impact tensile and wedge-impact tests to all established standards)
  • Component testing
  • Specimen preparation (specimen blanking and specimen grinding)

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Testing Laboratory for Medical Engineering and the Pharmaceutical Industry

There is hardly any other industry where seamless and dependable quality control is as important as in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The ZwickRoell testing laboratory will assist you with these testing challenges and will be happy to advise you on the various test methods. Our lab is equipped with both static and dynamic testing machines, which enables us to perform testing in accordance with all established test standards from the medical engineering and pharmaceutical industry. The testing spectrum covers diverse items such as medical packaging, implants and therapy systems, as well as biomaterials and injection systems.

  • Static tests (tensile tests, compression tests, flexure tests)
  • Tests at temperature (37 °C chamber)
  • Tests in fluid baths (including temperature-conditioned test)
  • Fatigue tests
  • Biaxial tests
  • Special testing solutions according to customer requirements, also with qualified testing systems (DQ, IQ, OQ)

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Testing Laboratory for Paper, Textiles, Food Products and Other Materials

With a history spanning over 35 years, almost every type of material and component has passed through the ZwickRoell testing laboratory as part of many customer projects. The list ranges from texture and viscosity tests on different food products (noodles, baked goods, fruit, dairy products, etc.) to a variety of tests on textiles (yarns, ropes, fabrics, geotextiles, etc.). Other materials, on which mechanical properties have been tested in our laboratory, include various sports products (skis, running shoes, tennis rackets, etc.) and technology products (smart phones, laptops, cameras, etc.).

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Additional Services

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We advise you on individual testing requirements and support you in the selection of the right testing system.
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ZwickRoell has accredited calibration laboratories and offers a comprehensive calibration portfolio for calibrating your materials testing machines and instruments.
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ZwickRoell Academy
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