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Calibration of Materials Testing Machines

ZwickRoell is your first stop for testing machine services. With a worldwide service network, hundreds of service employees, and numerous international accreditations according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 for our calibration laboratories, you are in good hands with ZwickRoell. Our testing machine calibrations are verifiably independent, efficient and precise.

ACCREDITATIONS Comprehensive calibration portfolio Your benefits with ZwickRoell Global accreditation scope and certificates

More information about calibration standards:

ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4

ZwickRoell has multiple accreditations.

Whether you need a calibration for static or dynamic materials testing machines, pendulum impact testers, extrusion plastometers, HDT and Vicat testing instruments, drop weight testers, environmental chambers, hardness testers or other testing systems—we provide professional and traceable calibration services for any testing system. In addition to our ZwickRoell materials testing machines and instruments, we calibrate testing machines made by other manufacturers.


In addition to our DAkkS accreditation, we are also accredited by A2LA, COFRAC, UKAS, NABL, PCA, PJLA, Cgcre and TÜRKAK.

  • As a leading international company, ZwickRoell has a worldwide network of service locations and accredited calibration laboratories.
  • Our calibration laboratory in Germany is accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS. Through our DAkkS multi-location accreditation, our calibration laboratories at our locations in Spain, Italy, and Singapore are included.
  • Furthermore, ZwickRoell also operates laboratories in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. In addition to our DAkkS accreditation, we are also accredited by A2LA, COFRAC, UKAS, NABL, PCA, PJLA, Cgcre and TÜRKAK.
  • Through mutual recognition of national accreditation bodies under the ILAC agreement, we ensure worldwide validity of your calibration certificate and test results.

At ZwickRoell You get Everything from a Single Source

  • We have experts in many calibration methods and cover a wide range of standards to calibrate different testing systems with traceability and professionalism. Furthermore, we provide a number of adaptation options to calibrate testing systems from other manufacturers.
  • With our comprehensive calibration portfolio, we are able to calibrate a wide variety of measurands. This includes DAkks accredited measurands such as force, length, test speed, mechanical work, torque, angle of rotation, temperature and hardness.
  • We also provide measurement system analysis (MSA), verification of the dynamic force, as well as accredited alignment measurements according to ASTM E1012, and offer the right solution for nearly any requirement.

Your Benefits from a ZwickRoell Calibration.

Complete Measurement Range
Low Measurement Uncertainty
Experience and Expertise
Close Service Network
Convenient Processing

Complete Measurement Range

  • ZwickRoell calibrates the entire measurement range of you testing machine and indicates this on the calibration certificate. With a calibration of up to 14 measuring points, the range of application for your load cell and the reliability of your test results are significantly increased.
  • Minimum requirements for standard-compliant calibrations according to ISO 7500-1 include the following 5 measuring points: 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100%. ZwickRoell calibrates up to nine additional normative recommended levels: 10, 7, 4, 2, 1, 0.7, 0.4, 0.2 and 0.1%.*

*Typically, for ZwickRoell type Xforce High Precision+ load cells the range starts at 0.1/ 0.2% of the nominal force; for other types of load cells the range starts at 0.4%. ZwickRoell calibrates servohydraulic materials testing machines starting at 1%.

Low Measurement Uncertainty

  • ZwickRoell is accredited for machine class 0.5 and can determine low measurement uncertainties as a function of defined criteria such as display deviation or repeat accuracy, thus identifying the machine class from 0.5.
  • Withing the scope of the calibration the best possible machine class is identified in each case, which depends on the components of the materials testing machine. The more precise the components (such as the ZwickRoell Xforce HP+ load cell), the better the achievement of the defined criteria.
  • The machine class 0.5 ensures even more precise test results with low display deviations and good repeat accuracy.

Experience and Expertise

  • Since 1994, ZwickRoell has been the first private accredited calibration laboratory in Germany for materials testing machines and with 12,000 calibrations per year can look back on a total of over 200,000 calibrations.
  • Because of this very high number of annual calibrations, ZwickRoell processes are standardized, audited on a regular basis and of the highest caliber. Our accreditations ensure metrological traceability to the national standards and guarantee or prove an independent, efficient and precise performance of the calibration services.
  • Each individual service technician has outstanding skills and is regularly trained, as proven during each and every on-site visit. Service technicians carry personally assigned calibration equipment with customized adapters and the necessary reference sensors.
  • The foundation for correct calibration results is high-precision calibration equipment. Therefore, ZwickRoell exclusively uses high-quality calibration equipment from premium manufacturers. To maintain the accreditations, reference sensors are recalibrated at pre-determined intervals according to standard requirement, and undergo interim inspections on a regular basis.

Close Service Network

  • ZwickRoell has a worldwide spanning sales and service network and is ready for you at any location. We have hundreds of service technicians and provide services that meet the highest standards.
  • We have field service engineers and service team members located near you that can arrive at your site quickly when needed. Alone in our home market region of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Benelux countries, we have 130 ZwickRoell service and calibration technicians distributed nationwide, ready to support you.
  • This decentralized structure allows for fast response times and flexible resource planning, enabling us to guarantee fast and prompt on-site calibration service. Our flexibility and proximity to our customers are unique and are especially important to us.

Convenient Processing

  • With a service agreement we track inspection intervals and industry-specific calibration intervals for you. We remind you in a timely manner when a calibration is due and we coordinate the requirements and the scope with you, ensuring that your materials testing machines and instruments are calibrated at all times and that you are in compliance with standards to establish a foundation for reliable test results.
  • Our standardized processes are the basis for convenient and easy on-site service visits. We will notify you in writing and will contact you by telephone to schedule an appointment when an inspection and calibration is required. You have constant transparency of the status of your on-site service visit.
  • All documents generated during service visits, such as calibration certificates and inspection checklists, will be automatically made available in the customer portal. This will help you to be best prepared in case of an audit since the documents can be accessed quickly. The operating manuals for your testing machines and instruments can be viewed in your customer portal profile as well.

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You can download all of our accreditation certificates and scope of accreditation of our worldwide calibration laboratories here:

Name Type Size Download
  • A2LA accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 497 KB
  • COFRAC accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 384 KB
  • COFRAC accreditation - Centre de Verification de Metz PDF 54 KB
  • DAkkS multi-location accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 369 KB
  • DAkkS accreditation - Latzke Hardness Testing PDF 715 KB
  • Cgcre accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 591 KB
  • NABL accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 196 KB
  • PCA accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 900 KB
  • PJLA accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 323 KB
  • TÜRKAK accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 134 KB
  • UKAS accreditation - ZwickRoell PDF 1 MB

Frequently asked questions about calibration

In general, any company can perform a standard-compliant inspection of their testing machines. The condition, however, is that the measuring equipment to be used is traceable to international or national measuring standards and that the tests/calibrations are performed according to standard requirements. The international standards therefore recommend that these inspections only be performed by accredited calibration laboratories (according to ISO/IEC 17025).

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