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Consultation and Application Technology

We support you in planning and implementing test sequences and projects regardless of the test objective.

Comprehensive and expert advice is essential in finding the right materials testing machine solution for your individual testing requirements.

  • Through our international sales and service network, our experts are available worldwide for individual consultations. Our experts and trained engineers have many years of experience and profound expertise. They will advise you on individual requirements with utmost professionalism, regardless of where your company is located.
  • Our technical consultants will provide you with an on-site consultation at your facility, or via video conference. We also invite you to visit one of our fully equipped laboratories located all over the world, and offer web-based live demonstrations that are available at any time.

Individual Consultation and Demonstration on Site and Online

Our applications testing laboratories worldwide, are equipped with permanent materials testing machine displays and instruments including a comprehensive portfolio of accessories such as specimen grips, test tools, sensors, and temperature chambers.

Consultations and demonstrations are provided with flexibility and free of charge, and if you prefer we are happy to present a demonstration via the web.

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Our Consultation Services at a Glance

Our Consultation Services at a Glance



Choosing the right testing system and software and hardware for your specific testing requirements depends on numerous factors.

  • We support you in planning and implementing new or modified testing requirements and with the setup or upgrading of your testing laboratory.
  • We analyze your application-related tasks and submit proposed solutions to suit your special requirements.
  • We develop and optimize your testing processes and arrangements, as well as test programs to help improve efficiency.


  • Our ZwickRoell experts have a wide range of practical knowledge and support you in making the best possible choice for the right testing system and accessories.
  • Our Applications Testing Laboratory is comprehensive and equipped with state-of-the-art materials testing machines and instruments, as well as with diverse accessories to give you insight into our comprehensive product portfolio.
  • We demonstrate various solution options for your testing requirements.

The demonstrations in our ZwickRoell testing laboratories are free of charge and can also be presented online.


  • For new, modified, or highly complex applications, send us your test materials and we will determine the right customized machine configuration for your needs and perform pretests.
  • The result will be the optimal configuration for your test requirements or materials.

Pretests performed in our ZwickRoell testing laboratory are also free of charge.

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Additional Services

Testing laboratory
for materials and components testing
The ZwickRoell testing laboratory, with over 50 testing machines and instruments specializes in materials and components testing of metals, plastics and other materials.
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ZwickRoell Academy
Training and seminars on materials testing and testing software
ZwickRoell Academy offers a diverse and informative training program for beginners and advanced users as well as customized courses to suit your individual requirements.
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Maintenance and Inspection
Regular maintenance and inspections keeps your testing systems running and ensures your safety and the safety of the machine.
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