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Tests on Timber

Timber used as building material and as a sustainable raw material has many advantages in terms of ecology and economic efficiency. The mechanical benefits of timber as a building material must also be noted. The micro structure of timber ensures a low tare weight and a very high load capacity. Based on its own weight, timber can bear 14 times that of steel; its compressive strength corresponds to that of reinforced concrete. Timber is highly tensile and elastic, making it ideal for use in building materials in earthquake zones. With its universal testing machines ZwickRoell offers various standardized testing solutions to test mechanical properties (tensile strength, flexural strength, and shear strength) of timber. Testing machines can be used for individual tests (for example, pull-out tests) according to company standards.

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Tensile tests

ZwickRoell can supply numerous solutions for tests on timber, both for standard tests and for customized testing.

  • EN 311: Determining surface soundness of timber materials
  • ASTM D1037 and EN 320: Chip board and fiberboard—determining screw withdrawal resistance parallel to the axis
  • EN 319: Particleboards and fiberboards; Determining the resistance to tension perpendicular to the plane of the board

Flexure Test

As a sustainable raw material, timber is now seeing increased use in the construction industry as a building material. Its flexural properties, among other things, are checked via a 3-point flexure test in accordance with DIN 52186.

ZwickRoell can also supply a 4-point flexure test kit for testing construction timber. This is particularly ideal for larger specimens subjected to high loads (up to 600 kN).

4-point flexure test on construction timber

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